Why can't Steemit automatically convert all tags to LOWERCASE for us?

in #steemit7 years ago

I think we're all well-aware that Steemit only allows lower-case tags. Great! We all know that SHOUTING is unbecomming. However on various mobile keyboards, including Swiftkey which I like the most, the first character in any field is capitalized by default. Also several keywords are auto-corrected to include capitalization such as -- hmmm, I dunno maybe "Steemit."


It's fine if tags need to be lowercase in the blockchain, but why can that be automated via script as the post is transmitted, so if we enter "Steemit" as a tag, the blockchain will simply record it as "steemit" without the user needing to backspace and remove capitalizations?

Does anyone else find this to be an annoyance when posting via mobile? If not, please ignore my rant, but this has been on my mind as it comes up on 100% of my mobile posts which seems like a usability flaw...


I feel your pain lol!!!!!

Annoying as hell!!

I personally like capital letters is hash tags. Seems more proper legibility and I use camel casing when I write code.

Agreed, I think forcing lower case is required to prevent canonical taxonomies, but they could display as capitalized on front end using css: .TagList__horizontal a { text-transform: capitalize; }

The post editor could easily transpose upper case to lower, and that is a great idea @thoughtchain.

Another change I would really like to see is the addition of target="_blank" to all external hyperlinks. Really I don't see why they have to open in the same tab as our post.

Superb addition !!! ;-)

It could be really better. I vote for that!

Yes it needs to be changed.I thought it for a while but not planned a post like you.Thanks for bringing this issue forward.

Thanks for validating my rant! :-) Now following you!

I have the same issue consistently, would be nice to see it fixed

Yep,A good thing to implement in Steemit
I also made a publication to integrate new features in Steemit.
If you want watch it and say what you think

Implementing New Features on Steemit - Cancelling a Resteem and Private messaging

yup its annoying..
i think with some time it will be resolved.. remember Steemit is still in Beta.. its like an undeveloped baby!

Just wait a few years.. i think we'll be in for a nice surprise!

Maybe they are just Dumb coders :p and didn't spend some dollars on quality assurance.

There are several things I find annoying about steemit but that's not one of them.

That is one of the many GUI changes that Steem needs to adress soon. The whole interface atm looks still very "newbie-like". If I show steemit to friends they think it is a webpage programmed by a newcomer. Because people are used to facebook like webpage quality.

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