Introducing Steeming Hot - A reesteem bot with a Twist

in steemit •  10 months ago

So I had an idea about a month and a half ago to create a resteem bot which gives out free resteems to a few lucky winners.
So I thought I would grab another steemit account and see what happens.

Well it's happened and the bot is up and running in beta version.

☠️ Steeming Hot ☠️



@steeming-hot is a resteem bot which is still in active development.
The idea of the bot is to pick 3 followers from it's followers list each night. Those 3 winners will receive a resteem on one of their posts and an upvote worth 1c.
It will be good to see the bot grow more powerful, so we can give out at least a 2c upvote.

I might build a paid resteem side of the bot too, but I'm not 100% sure if I will go ahead with this or not. I really wanted to focus more on free resteems.

How it works

There will be some selection criteria for picking posts, and as the bot grows the selection criteria will focus more and more on good quality content.
We would like to promote posts where the writers have gone to at least a bit of effort to write the post.

The selection criteria as of the time of writing this post:
☣️ You must be following @steeming-hot
☣️ Your post must at least have some content (So a Youtube link will not be enough)
☣️ Your post must be less than 6 days old
☣️ Your post can't have already been resteemed by @steeming-hot

Our bot randomly picks people from the followers list.
If your post meets our selection criteria your post will get a resteem and two upvotes, worth about $0.01
Once the 3 winners posts have been resteemed, the bot will post an article with information about the winners.

We are about to release an update so only accounts with a reputation score greater than 25 will be eligible for resteems.

Stay tuned for future updated to our bot :)

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Giving out free resteems is a good way to help people out and since it is still only a lower upvote, the newer people really benefit from it. But once it grows bigger it will be a lot better for many more people.


Yeah it's another piece of villans support initiative, it's not much but over time that will add up to alot of support to steem users.
I may look at limiting the free service to a certain reputation, although I will leave the community to vote on that when it happens

Started following the bot. This is an excellent idea. All these new tools are great for red fish and new people who are signing up for steemit. Great way to get one's content out in front of other users and when one starts, every single cent is motivation to do better. Thanks for building this.

Pretty darn cool idea !

Excellent, Im giving it a shot, always good to see new helpful projects 👍

@thevillan you done great experiment. I am already following your bot.

The poop emoji got me clicking 😊
This is a good initiative @thevillan hope the bot gets bigger and successful. Can't wait to hear more soon.

Congratulations on your new bot I know it will grow bigger

Amazing idea, us r00kies can always use the support! Looking forward to this being realized and thriving! :)

Respect my man!


It's already up and running :)


Yeah I rushed my comment before realizing it. :) Following the bot already, thanks again! :)

I'm in! I love it.

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
Check @resteembot's introduction post or the other great posts I already resteemed.

gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!