SugarSteem 4.0 My Profile Page Updated

in steemit •  6 months ago

SugarSteem 4.0 My Profile Page Updated

I wanted to show off the new updated "My Profile Page" redesign of SugarSteem.

SugarSteem - My Profile - "default list view"

I wanted something with big punch and easy scanning when I come to access my analytics, stats and personal profile. I wanted something clean and concise.

My Profile - List FINAL@3x.png

Some unique additions from old updates.
• added better icons for easy scanning of content
• added notifications where I felt it was needed most
• completely updated the branding of SugarSteem
• improved easy scanning of navigation and subnavigation


SugarSteem - My Profile - Tile View

For those of you who prefer the tile view vs. the list view. I, myself like the tile view for easy scanning of my own content.

My Profile - tile FINAL@3x.png


Thank You Steemians!

It’s you that use the UI and are the voice that allows me to help shape this community. Thank you for your votes, your constructive comments, and your re-steems, your voice is being heard and translated into features for @SugarSteem.

T-Minus 79 days to hit our MVP!

Personal Shout Outs for the generous upvotes to my UI contribution to the Steem Blockchain.


@cryptoctopus, @transisto, @donkeypong, @totolina, @arama, @analisa, @sykochica, @inquiringtimes, @demotruk, @timcliff, @z8teyb289qav9z, @fulltimegeek, @eroche, @ausbitbank, @drakos, @wesleybos, @bestbroplayer, @danielsaori, @whatsup, @arcange, @jesta, @ilanaakoundi, @hr1, @makerhacks, @davemccoy, @protegeaa, @blocktrades, @ebargains, @jamesbrown, @deanliu, @fabien, @drmake, @patrice, @sift666, @coffeex, @abh12345, @overkillcoin, @acidyo, @wackou, @therealwolf, @xaero1, @fredrikaa, @jerrybanfield, @lrock, @playitforward, @mod-tamichh, @noboxes, @aggroed, @kodaxx, @dbzfan4awhile, @teamhumble, @kimzilla, @scorer, @shawnvanderveer, @dshelton32, @yabapmatt, @carface, @slickwilly, @edwardlewis, @geofftk, @socky, @bbrewer, @etcmike, @austinhopper, @alexis555, @bue, @techslut, @protegeaa, @fminerten, @steempty, @stephen.king989, @ma1neevent, @spydo, @dedicatedguy, @personz, @v4vapid, @totolina, @leeuw, @morseke1, @cryptocat, @mes, @poeticsnake, @princessmewmew, @spiritualmax, @edb1984, @remcovdpluijm, @eeks, @clayford08, @etcmike, @mattclarke, @datascience, @netuoso, @followbtcnews, @brandonp, @steempty, @fminerten, @shadowspub, @ammonite, @themarkymark,


How to find me
Discord SugarSteem:
Discord: TheUXyeti or TheUXyeti#5698
Dlive Channel:
IG: thetravelyeti

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Beautiful .. for more creative work
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Congrats man the UI looks like a cross between twitter and steemit! This is going to be huge and will hopefully draw in more users!


You are correct sir! i started researching LEAN UI and wanted a hybrid between what MOST USERS use, and then what was really clean with easy to use controls for users as old as my folks (in their 60's) to users that are 18 and know better tech then i do. (i hate snapchat worst ui ever) lol... But yes, this is the plan. Id love to have you join our discord for your input. you have a keen eye!

Congratulations for this new SugarSteem design, it is really cool and nice.


thanks for the support. you should definitely follow us or @sugarsteem for updates as well as join our discord. thanks for the comment.

Mix of Twitter, Facebook and steemit but clean and user friendly look.


yes sir... ive been building UI's for 16 years. I like whatever is easiest for all tech ranges of users to enjoy this blockchain community. thats the goal. join our discord.

wow they have done something very incredible, it's great how you make life easier in steemit


im just trying to help this community grow.


and you're doing it in a great way

Wow this looks amazing. I've been looking for a decent web based UI to use and it looks like you have hit all the sweet spots. Can't wait.


there are many more features we have in the works but ID like to get a great UI our for ppl to access things easily first. thanks for the comment and support.

Slick look.

Awesome work.

I look forward to the "My Favorites" and "My Tags" sections!


Yes that’s the plan! Those pages are coming this week. Thanks!

Congratulations great job ... This super interesting this post


thanks for the support!

Thank for this information...

Great job !

congrats bro for your hard work and success @theuxyeti

Dang this looks beautiful!! I could see myself spending serious time in this UI. Are we able to access it yet?

Can not come soon enough!

This looks interesting, I hope it works out.

Wow that's amazing layout and looks very professional

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SugarSteem 4.0 My Profile Page Updated has been resteemed by @resteemmuse!

Looks good, I like the colors

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