Bizarre Post - What Computer Chair do you use and why

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Bizarre Post - What Computer Chair do you use and why

i literally just had this conversation with @blocktrades a minute ago about what computer chair do you use at work or at home and why. We had such vary different answers to this. Now I'm curious if people out there have the ultimate find that really works and feel the best, pricing, and comfort.

My pick was a Herman Miller Chair with Lumbar Support. Loved this chair at previous jobs at Disney and other Gov't agencies.


Where as @blocktrades picked a kneeling chair because of an injury.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 1.14.02 PM.png

Im curious to know what Chair do you guys use and why and can you post an image of it and a title of what chair it is.

Please post in the comments a photo of the chair you use and why along with a link or a title.

Thanks so much.

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Herman Miller is a really good chair, i used one when i worked at TransCanada at the start of my career. I have often (even switched out the areon at TC at times) prefered a yoga ball. My son got a clutch chair earlier this year. It's a nice chair too. There's lots to say about a good chair no doubt!


what is a clutch chair. hmm... these days Id love to have a great chair that reclines as well as has lumbar support and is comfy. when you sit for 10 hour days you want the nice chair. seriously considering buying my own chair for work lol


The chair is well constructed and very comfortable. It also reclines enough to take a nap if needed. We are in Calgary, AB Canada and picked up the chair on sale at Memory Express. But, here's the clutch website:

As you can see the padding is removable.


20180906_202106 - Cori's office chair.jpg

This is my main office chair, which is an inexpensive small high-backed chair we got from Staples, because I was previously using a knee chair with zero back support, and seriously needed back support.

My husband hates it, because it is too small for him, but I'm 5'2" tall to his 6'3", so for me it is nearly perfect. I keep it covered with the zebra striped throw in the background to assist in reducing cat fur and scratching.

20180906_202224 - Cori's knee chair.jpg

This is the knee chair I replaced, which seriously needs reupholstering, not to mention vacuuming, because the cats have fallen in love with it, as evidenced by the abundance of cat hair covering the upholstery. ;-)

I still like the chair, but using it for long periods was giving me knee pain, and not helping my posture any. I am making a serious effort to improve my posture, which in turn, will hopefully help my breathing and my overall mood.

Before we moved here, I used to use a 26" exercise ball as my office chair, which I actually loved, as balancing on it helped to exercise my legs somewhat during the day, I could bounce when bored, or to the music, and it was handy if I felt like throwing down my yoga mat to do a few stretches.

Sorry, no photo, but I'm guessing that the majority of Steemians know what an exercise ball looks like. ;-)

I've seen the ones that use the exercise ball in a stable base, either stationary or rolling, but I preferred mine without a base, and I think my desk posture was better using that than any chair I've tried thus far.

That said, I'm planning to convert my desks into standing desks in the not-too-distant future, so most likely it will become a moot point.

The cats will probably hate it, because at this point they take turns lying on the back of my chair behind my neck, where we can get in some serious bonding time while still (usually) allowing me to work.


I agree i want to migrate to a standing desk at work. I hear you lose weight with those. Then just get a telescoping chair to sit in as needed. As for home i have a futon for now and a standard table. Until my role goes fully remote thats the way it is. but i get baboon ass on this futon about an hour lol. thanks for the share.


Staples, I got it on sale because it was the last one and on display


looks comfy. i prefer the less padded but thanks for sharing really cool.

Had bought many a chair only getting a few years of service till they break. Decided to spend a little more on quality in hopes of getting longer life and better comfort. Upgraded to a La-Z-Boy Winston. Accessorized with a Med-X lumbar support. Over 2 years use so far. Still feels like new which is saying much for the hours butt in it and I am not a lightweight. When leather padded arm supports wear thin should be able to get replacements free. So good idea to spend a little more on quality to save in the long run I think.


agreed. im still pondering which chair to get. such an investment, and they are so bulky when having to move apartment to apartment. I figured if i got a herman miller chair itd be easy to sell if i had to move a longer distance.