A thank you to our Supporters on Steemit and a Call to Join the SmartMediaGroup Community!

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Hey Steemians!

We have been active on the platform since the end of 2017, and are proud to be growing with such a vibrant community of creators and readers/viewers. This year is the busiest year of our musical lives. We have driven 40.000km thus far and have another 40.000km to go before the year comes to a close! With that said, we continue to post videos and pictures from our travels, performing in beautiful places around Europe and later North America.

TTN Walking.jpg

We want to thank all of you who continue to engage with us on the platform, who comment on our videos and upvote our content. You are a big reason why our account continues to grow, and we will be looking for more ways to give back to our fans. We want to know more about you, where you're watching from and what brings you to Steemit.

SMG Logo.png

One of the best ways to interact with one another is in the Smart Media Group Discord Channel (https://discord.gg/JHMNnaA). We joined the server 7 months ago and have seen an impressive development! With thousands of new members, innovative projects, the @block-buster witness project, community activities like "Movie Night and Karaoke", a dedicated radio station showcasing artists on Steemit and strong spirit and support for the advancement of STEEM.

So if you want to communicate with us more directly, join the server and send us a PM. We're happy to talk music, future plans and to hear about YOU. And while you're there, be sure to talk to the others who are a part of the community. Some of the best and brightest on the platform are here!


Beyond the strong community and innovative developments is an ever-growing curation team. One of the main missions of @smartmediagroup remains to support Artists, Entertainers and Media projects on the platform. Together, the community is working together to curate a stream of the best content on the platform. This can only be done with a fine comb, as Steemit offers a vast array of great content, so we still search for more curators! If you're interested, JOIN THE SERVER and speak with @bitcoinparadise, @gyzimo or one of the other moderators.

Join the Discord server to learn more!!!

SMG Discord.png


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Hello @thetroublenotes, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

I loved this post!!! Thank you guy's!!! I want to hear more from you!!! Hugs!!!
...Hey... it would be great if you share with us a karaoke night.. you are welcome anytime...


@agromeror We'll definitely be joining for one of the sessions soon! Such a great idea that you've put together the Karaoke night on the server ;)

I loved reading them guys, I did not know them thanks to the friend @headcorner I could see this publication. I find it very interesting, what they are doing with their music in different parts of the world and knowing many cultures, I do not handle English, because my native language is Spanish, but it has not been a limitation to organize a kararoke party in the Smart group Media Group, where friend @agromeror very kindly invited them.

I want you to know, that you have an open invitation, to sing in our space as special guests, it would be an honor for us to be able to listen to you and to share your good energy with us. Through this publication, I can appreciate, that there is a lot of joy in you and I like that, happy people to spread joy to the world through music.

From today your follower. Let the successes continue and receive a shower of blessings from Venezuela.

Good vibes guys....

Welcome guys...


@angelica7 you must see this. We traveled to Venezuela two years ago and wrote this song and made a video about the experience.


What a beautiful video, and his music entered my head and moved me a lot of emotions. Thanks guys, I shared this post on my blog so that my Venezuelan brothers can appreciate it. In the @ mrsanchez blog you can listen to our kararoke night, that between some problems with the internet, the music could still flow. I hope you can see it.
Good energy for everyone.

Amazing guys, amazing band! so happy to know you and have you a part of SMG Thanks for everything!!!!


@headcorner Love to you brother. We are happy to be a part of the community with you and always appreciate your input and help.

Your energy and charm attract others! With your music, you warm other people's hearts and help them see the beautiful in our world!

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good job nice post

Good Luck 🍀 to you Guys

Congratulations @thetroublenotes best of Luck for Future.
Thank you for UpVote 😊 keep support always

Wow awesome! Followed immediately! Looking forward to more traveling content :D!

Hello @thetroblenotes, I like your post, thank you friend, you guys are amazing
Thanks for sharing and thank you for upvoted me,I have followed you. stay happy 😊

I will Definitely join your group

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I am so excited to follow your journey. I hope that the community here can join you and help pay for a roof, dinner and a warm bed as you roam your way along life.

Nice you post

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Thank you for your up vote in my post I will be waiting for your post to give you up vote and in this way help us grow in this platform greetings from Venezuela

greetings of success for the three of you, God will not waste his servant who wants to work hard, greetings peacefully in music

Thank you for liking one of my photos. Followed.

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I invite you again to our family in Smart Media Group https://discord.gg/2ZeW9R This is the new update address. We are recovering friends, after having suffered from a hacker attack and removing all contacts from the channel. We are waiting for you with great joy. Tomorrow Wednesday will be our kararoke party, you are invited.
Good vibrates.



so pathetic Really?

@thetroublenotes your post is really very good ...keep it up