Is Anyone Actually Reading Content on Steemit??

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Or merely racing to be the first to Upvote the bigger fish?

Surely you've seen it, the race to ride the coattails of the whales and bigger fish.


Since you are rewarded for curating "good" content, and the sooner the better it literally "pays" to be the first upvote.

But is anyone actually reading the content?

After all you don't have to read a post to receive a curation award. And by definition Whales and Dolphins produce popular votes.

Leading me to observe a number of posts that have more votes than views!

Borrow To Trade  - Why It´s A Stupid Idea To Borrow Money For Trading! — Steemit.png


Hello Steem... Thank You. — Steemit.png

If Steemit is a game...

Then this is certainly one way to play it I suppose, just feels a tad bit cheap I guess.

But C'est la vie

Until Next Time
It's your move.


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I read your article on Cobalt, and will be putting part of my IRA into KBLT. So there's that.


Thanks @gomain! The story for cobalt just keeps getting better and better.

India, the 3rd largest car market in the world just announced only Electric Vehicles to be sold by 2030!!!

I think the way it is set up needs to reward commenting more as now there seems to be more incentive to post than to read and comment


Interesting idea. I see plenty of spam comments too though. Not terribly sure how the Steemit platform allocates rewards, just noticed a pattern and wondered if other people noticed it as well.

Just voting is a way to game steemit for sure, it's why you just have to blinker yourself to the rewards, find a few good people and read their stuff, then you'll find vice-versa tends to happen...


What really bugs me are the bots that make a comment then get upvoted for $1-5 by another bot while the post itself is half the value of the bot comment.... seen that a few times.

I think they'll start cleaning up the bots soon. Only way Steemit will survive is to take care of its community.


There are bots and then there are bots - I always drop my posts in the discord upvote channel but don't use paid bots, waste of money!


oh my, I never even thought of that! @digitaldruid


True enough, thanks for the advice.

Yeah, its been like this since the beginning. They keep adjusting things here and there to try and lower it but to not much success.

I've come to the realization that I "just do me". That is to not worry about things I cannot control and focus on improving the ones that I can. That is to be the best that I can at any given time here.


Ah I see, so this is just something everyone already knows about and accepts.
And thanks, good advice!

I mean there are a lot of bots that just upvote posts and users that will upvote without reading. It's hard to read several blogs in full and actually pay attention to what other people are saying when you are often concerned with your own posts/making STEEM/SBD.


right, right, the bots. I forgot about the bots..

So you are saying the population of Steemit could in fact be populated by ppl or entities all furiously cranking out content and not reading each others post! lol