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RE: Is It Still Profitable to Bid for Steem Upvote Bots?

in #steemit4 years ago

Thanks for putting all your effort into making this post. It was a much need post for me. I recently paid for an instant upvote. Got it but with out ROI. I lost 0.225 SBD. Yes i gained steem power worth 1.8 dollar but still when i calculated it turned out that i would have been better off just buying steem with those sbd. It would have been more profitable this way.


I haven't come across a loss using bots. I bid 15 SBD and even if sometimes I get back less, like 12 SBD, there is always more than 3 SP, which compensates.
Bots enable to pay more rewards to curators, which makes more followers and in the long run, it's always a growing account.

Do you still make those returns with bots or have they come down?

I still have returns and that follows the price of Steem of course.

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