My First 50 Days on Steemit. Steemit Review.

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Time fly's so quickly. It has already been 50 days since i joined steemit. To celebrate this i am writing this review. Yes i am celebrating with a review. so what i am going to do is that i am going to share my opinion. I will be sharing how i felt using steemit in these last 50 days. Please note your experience can be different from mine and with other's too.

So, it all started with "let's see what it is" around 2 months ago. I decided to sign up. I thought the sign will be over in 5 mins but it did not happen so. I received a notification that it will take some time. So, i waited. The email finally arrived after 2 days. I opened it, did the rest of the process and started reading blogs of other people.

Since, most of the blogs were in trending page and were earning some handsome money, i thought that will be the case with me also. I started getting high hopes. I thought i will be able to dominate the trending page with hard work. I thought all i have to do was to right post and i will get paid based on views just like in other blogging sites. I know i had wrong hopes and i was totally wrong about steemit.

When ever i start using new things i first start learning about it. I first explore it to familiarize myself about it. It is only then i start using it to full extent. So, in a hurry i made my introduction post. Added no pictures to it and did not even add a profile pic. The result was a disaster. Only few people came and welcomed me. I got only 0.17$ STU worth upvote. Positive things also happened. Some people found my disastrous post interesting and started following me. I followed them back as a thank you gesture.

After writing that post i continued reading and browsing through other steemit related post. Got to learn a lot but still could understand what was steem power, SBD and all. All i understood was that there are these tokens and you can earn them and that's it. Then i wrote my second article and stopped writing all together seeing no discovery of my post.

Then i decided to participate in community. I decided to build friendships. For this i started to comment and curate other's post. During first few days i would randomly upvote as many times as i can and noticed that with my current steem power i can only upvote just 10 people a day. So, i let my steem power refill for 5 days and started upvoting selectively. I decided to only upvote nice and helpful posts. This i still do. With commenting on other's post with honest intention of starting a conversation i noticed that my followers increased. This continues even today.

Then i came across photography contests. I decided to experiment and participated in them. I chose some of my average photographs. Posted for a week and ran out of photographs to post. These photos hardly made me anything and i started running out of bandwidth because of uploading these high quality photos. So, i decided to stop. I continued my participation with comments learning almost everything about steemit further down the road. Some times i could not participate because of bandwidth issues. so i would HODL until the bandwidth went to moon again.

During this process i came across a contest held by @abh12345 . I decided to participate in it. This contest now gave me an AIM to engage with the community. So i did, even though i had some bandwidth issues. Actually i had a lot of bandwidth issues. I did this for one week. On sunday the results came out and i noticed that i was in top 20 list. Not just that i finished on 10th position. I rejoiced with happiness. It felt like back to school. It is always fun finishing in top 10. It was a good experience. I decided to continue.

The same day @abh12345 delegated me some steempower. Not just some but almost 125 steempower. This solved my bandwidth issues. I was now able to increase my presence on steemit. Now i was able to compete against the winners. I knew who i was against. I was against some very active people. I knew i could not beat them, still i tried. When the results came out i noticed that i was placed sixth. I jumped 4 positions from last time. I must say This was not easy for me. It was exhausting for me. Right now this is my third week of participation.

In this 50 days a lot has happened. The crypto currency market almost collapsed. I got upto 150 followers. My reputation increased to 43 and a lot more happened. These 50 days were very tiring. I had to manage using steemit in between my work schedule. I managed to make space for steemit in my life. I managed to switch from twitter to steemit. Almost 75% of my time that i spent on twitter i now spend on steemit. I lost my twitter addiction also. I now use it very rarely.

I noticed that steemit is a really great platform and also comes with a lot of flaws in it. I had come in here thinking that i would simply write some lengthy and thought provoking blogs and earn for my retirement savings. I was totally wrong. Steemit is completely different to what it looks like from outside. It is not some wordpress or blogger like platform. It is blogging cum social media website. The sooner you make yourself familiar with this the better it is.

Finding audience or readers for your posts is very difficult. Your post is like a tiny fish in the vast ocean. You will not find readers on this platform unless you build community and friendship. I also came to know that in order to find audience here i would have to use upvote bots. This is so because the majority of steem power holders(whales) were selling their votes which they were otherwise provided to curate content based on their steem holding's. Still this is not the end. Along the way i found many good whales too. There are many who are trying help this community. There are many who look after new comers and upvote deserving posts. So, if you keep patience here and participate in the community actively then you are good to go. Keep patience and that's it.

A lack of Steemit mobile app also bothered me in these last 50 days. Most of my commenting happens through mobile phone. This is the difficult part. Typing one a small keyboard is not easy that to when the platform is not suitable for mobile browser. I tried using esteemapp but it was a terrible app. It was very slow. It took ages to open post and comment on them.

I also came across Dtube and Dmania in these last 50 days. Both are interesting platform's. Just yesterday i participated in dmania. I will continue to do so occasionally. I am also deciding to participate in Dtube. I will do so soon by the end of this week.

There is still a lot to add to this post but i think this is enough. So, this is my review of steemit after using this site for 50 days.

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Congratulations on your 50 days post :) Well done and keep up your good work!


Mine is nineteenth day it is,& I find this endeavour quite amazing as well as engaging,though I havnt sign up for any of those shitty social networks in life,where people come and vomit out all the load shit of hatredness,negativity,egoism there.thats why I was really pecimist about all the social media out there.on the other hand this platform is infinity far from the other platforms.i find it really educative and informative specially the block chain technology part is associated with it makes it really exciting.where one can participate on multiple platform through a single account .Like dtube,dmania,utopian-io etc the ecosystem of this perticular platform is indeed an unforgettable experience.


I have different definition for many different website. For me they are something like this:
1 . Youtube - Baby sitter.
2 . Twitter - Tool for sharing political opinion and trolling.
3 . Facebook - Marriage registrar. Also acts as testimonials for car purchase.

There are many but i think these were very popular websites thus thought i would mention them. If you are here for information of Block chain then it is definitely a good place to learn a lot of crypto currencies and all but this is not a informative blogging website. It has its own shortcoming. But ya it is 1000 times better than steemit.


I can make incredible meme out of this testimony😂😂

Thanks for the mention @themobilewriter

I'm glad you have reached 50 days and am looking forward to your 500 days post :D