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Is the Sun going down on Steemit.... or has Steemit gone down with the Sun?

Elton John - Dont let the Sun go down on me

As such I want to make sure that together the team and community are a positive part of the communications that help to grow this ecosystem, and for that I would like to invite a group of our top 50 Witnesses to our first STEEMit 2.0 Town Hall, which we will hold tentatively on March 6th, 2020 (meeting logistics to follow). At this meeting I am hoping to hear from many Steemian Witness voices to learn and understand how they think we can grow Steem together, and how Steemit Inc can communicate with the witnesses on a regular basis.
Extract from Justin Sun Open Letter to the Steemit Community

That was around mid-February ...and a couple of weeks later ....

Justin Sun has seized control of the Steem blockchain – with the apparent help of several prominent crypto exchanges.

On the Steemit Blog (which is newly owned by Sun), a post announced the new regime:

"For the next 4-6 weeks, the Steemit team will be using the voting rights to resume the order of the community while having an open channel for meeting community members and Witnesses."
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From the same story ....

Overnight, Binance, Huobi and Poloniex (which is partially owned by Sun) staked tokens they controlled in order to vote for a new slate of witnesses. Presumably, the lion's share of these tokens are technically owned by users of these platforms, not the exchanges themselves.

A tweet shows large accounts powering up tokens in advance of voting in the new slate of witnesses. Luke Stokes, a witness who has tracked exchange data for STEEM for years, verified that the accounts were related to these exchanges.

In my opinion this particular narcissistic megalomaniac has zero interest in the Steem community ... it is all about power, control and of course MONEY!

As regards the complicity of the exchanges... their credibility has dropped below zero. Me personally I will be moving my assets off Binance a.s.a.p and will no longer trade with them. As for the BNB I have staked well that too will be dispersed with. Bitcoin maximal is now me !! These centralised exchanges are not to be trusted as has been shown over and over again in the past.

Repeat after me

Not your keys... not your crypto ... not your keys.... not your crypto

{sigh} ... it was fun while it lasted ! I wont bother powering down for a soon to be 1 cent coin ... {exits stage left}



really suits more here

you kidding right? Do you really believe Steemit will thrive under the authoritarian control of Justin Sun? I am not a Ned or Dan Larimer (and yes I know he has moved on) fan .... but Sun is another matter altogether.

I wanna steem live, without Sun ofcourse, that's why Back to life, it's more positive)

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