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Here's a Quick Summary of Things I Wish I Knew on Day 1 of Steemit

I have enjoyed my Steemit Journey so far. I actually have only been on this social platform for a little over a month. This morning, I can already vote "nickels" in Steem Power and have a balance that's worth over $600 in USD.

I still haven't invested fiat currency, but I can certainly see how that would make this journey a bit easier. I HAVE invested plenty of sweat equity that included posting, joining some communities, commenting on other people's posts, and learning about the system and many community members. I have also promoted Steemit outside of Steemit on my own website, social networks, and through other connections. While I haven't put in money, I've put in time and connections.

Why Does Steemit Need Another New User Guide?

Lately, I've been answering some questions for even newer Steemians than me. I decided it would be helpful to write a posts with some tips about things I wish I would have known on the first day that would have saved me a few stumbles. I think this kind of confusion has also kept some of my friends from participating as much as they might have otherwise.

While many of these tips aren't a big deal to experienced users, some misunderstandings can be very frustrating for new people. If you are already experienced and think these things are obvious, you obviously haven't been answering newbie questions and might help the community if you took the time to do so.

Steemit Tutorials

You can certainly visit the "Welcome to Steemit" page to get some helpful tutorials:

If you aren't sure about other things, like Steem Power, Voting Power, SBD, Steem, and so on, just use the search function or Google. I hope to use this post to fill in some gaps that aren't so obvious from just reading tutorials.

Use by @steemchiller

You can start using this site like this:

These are some basic ways to use this powerful site:

  • Your Voting Power: Every time you vote, you deplete your voting power. It takes about a day to charge back up 20 percent. At the top, left corner you will see the percentage of voting power you have left. You have no idea how many frustrated newbies have complained about votes while exhausting voting power down to less than 20 percent. It's a good idea to keep your voting power above 80 percent when you're new. When you have more Steem Power, you can let it get down to maybe 60 percent. Just remember, it takes a day to get back 20 percent, so you probably don't want to dig too deep of a hole.
  • Your Steem Power: This is the total amount of Steem Power that you have in your wallet. Remember that as your Voting Power degrades over time, it will temporarily reduce the impact of that Steem Power, but it doesn't actually remove it. When you're new, and you don't have a lot of Steem Power, your votes will probably show up as being worth $0.00. Once you have earned 30 to 50 in Steem Power, you should start seeing .01 ot .02 votes.
  • Coming Rewards: If you move a bit further down on for your account, you can see your activity. Click the button for "Coming Author Rewards" to see the rewards you'll be paid in the next week.

Anyway, playing around with is one good way to understand how the system works. Besides using your own username, you are completely free to use other member IDs to see how they are doing. This is also very educational.

Answers to FAQ From Steemit Newbies

Why Aren't My Votes Worth Anything?

Every time I see this question, the new Steemian has voted way too much in their excitement to connect with the community. If your voting power is low, it's time to chill out, plan future content, add value to other people's posts by commenting usefully, and keep from voting for awhile. I know it's hard to keep from voting when you see so much good content, but when you're new, you really shouldn't vote more than 10 to 15 times a day.

In any case, your votes won't be worth anything until you've accumulated some amount of Steem Power. You can use the "Simulate Steem Power" tool on to get an idea of what your votes might be worth. So many things can impact this that it's impossible to give you a one-size-fits-all answer to when your votes will be worth something.

How Can I Gain Any Traction When My Posts Aren't Earning Anything?

You will gain traction, but honestly, most of you need to put in some effort for at least a couple of weeks. After you gain more Steem Power everything will get easier. It's like you're at the bottom of a steep cliff, but once you climb a little way up the cliff, you find more good places to grab onto.

At first, the best way to gain some payments is probably to find other posts that you enjoy to comment upon. You can use the tags, and the new and trending topics to search for posts that you're interested in.

If you want to make a post, consider using the #introduceyourself tag. Look at some of the other posts under that topic to get an idea about what to post.

How Do I Comment to Get Noticed?

Please DO NOT make comments like... "Upvote Me/Follow Me/ETC." You know SPAM when you see it, and so do the posters. Instead, actually read the post and make a comment that is relevant, funny, or whatever AND doesn't make you look desperate.

Most established people here are happy to help newbies out with an upvote, but they won't do it if you insult them by making a comment that shows you didn't even bother to read the post. That's just annoying.

Start With What You Know!

You can learn a lot on Steemit. Personally, this platform really helped introduce me to digital currency and the blockchain. However, when you post or comment, it's better to start out with what you're already interested in. You can find topics like food, photography, travel, precious metals, entertainment, and so on. If you start with what you know, either to post or comment, you're likely to begin to find interesting people to follow, and those people are more likely to follow you back.

Other Tips

It's hard to make connections when you are new. These are some helpful tools that can give you a quick start:

Steem Engine

The guys at are great. You can navigate there and signup for a free account. If you participate in the system, you can gain some followers and votes from people who are also eager to connect. Also, follow @steemengineteam for more information and to further connect with some good people.

Yes, there are Bots

I'm not going to get into the ethics of using bots. If you want to learn about popular bots, you should spend some time here at You can also follow the creator here at: @yabapmatt. Some of these bots are free, but some will cost you some Steem or SBD. You can make your own choices, but you should make informed choices.

Please Connect With Me

If you're new or a veteran, please leave comments here to let me know what you think. If you have other questions, I'm here to answer them as soon as I can.If you have other helpful resources, let us know!

I almost always vote on relevant comments, but I'll ignore those that are just blatant spam. I will also often follow you. I want to connect with more interesting people on Steemit. Yes, we're here to make some money, but Steemit is also a lot of fun!

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Great tips for new SteemIt users!

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Thanks, these tips include a lot of the things you told me about to help me get started. Happy New Years, and here's to a great 2018!


Here, have a "nickel" :)


Also, it helps that you do interact with people who comment upon your post. Also, you're generous to a fault, possibly, about voting for comments. Still, I think that helps you socialize because people know that you will, at least, pay attention to us. Keep it up.

really nice post for me i rely on the bots vote and i'm happy with it


I've used the bots too. As you can see, I used @steemvote here on this post. It's one I like because it often brings actual Steem users along with it. I look at it like promotion. However, I pointed out Steem Bot Tracker because it can help new people understand bots better, so they make good use of their resources. Thanks for stopping by!

I just wanted to add that I don't ONLY use bots or even use them all the time. I also linked to this post from a few outside places, and I have taken time to try to get followers that I interact with. People forget that Steemit IS a SOCIAL NETWORK. Bots can be a tool, but they aren't even a big part of it, IMHO.

Nice guide. I am sure newbies will find it useful.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope so!

Very useful article, I went through a bunch of how-tos as someone super new, but was not aware of the voting depleting (and you got it on the nose that I was happily upvoting out of sheer sense of community), so here you go, your post was useful to at least one person :) I am yet to check out all the guides but I already find it incredible on how helpful and supportive all the info out there is! Thank you for doing your part :)


Yeah, it caught me too. In fact, it still catches me, particularly with my own posts because I hope to vote on everybody. See, my nickels are already only worth .04.

I’m new to Steemit and this is one of the best starting guide I’ve found so far. The steem/sp/sbd system confused me at the first place haha! Thanks for writing this guide!


Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the system is complex enough to keep it interesting. I just hate for new people to quit before they even get started. It gets easier with time, but it takes a few weeks of effort to start to enjoy rewards for most of us.

Yes, the first few days I was here I upvoted everything. By the time I found out about voting power it was down to 16% - lol. I don’t think it is a bad thing to have guides circulating.


That catches almost everybody. I guess they do that to keep us from just voting on everything we see. But it's still tough to manage VP -- as you can see because my .05 is now down to .04. Oh well, it will come back eventually. :)

I like your post, You've done very good so far, very impressive for just over a month, keep up the good work


Thanks, Steemit just keeps getting better and better the more you put into it.

I stumbled upon due to another post. But I didn't realize that I should scroll down to find more important info! Thanks! These were some great tips.

So is it frowned-on to use bots? I see them being used everywhere. I figured it was kosher and expected. I'm going to receive my first post reward in a couple hours, and I've bee looking forward to trying out a bot. :)


I use them sometimes. Of course, in the end you hope to build a group of followers/people you follow, so you can generate most votes organically. It's tough to gain traction, so I use them for more visibility sometimes. Yes, some people frown upon them, but it's certainly not against the rules. Just make sure you visit SteemBotTracker to spend your SBD wisely when you do use them -- otherwise, you can lose money and not gain it. Thanks for dropping in!

Thanks @theinsideout! I joined in December and have been exploring. I noticed that I can use the Voting Value slider in to figure out at what point my vote loses value.

Thanks for this! I'm another NY artist (up in Rochester) and I've been trying out Steemit as a way to motivate myself to draw more frequently. I post a new character design every weekday. So far so good!


Yeah, I think Steemit is a lot of fun and possibly profitable on several lessons. It's not easy for new people to understand. Thanks for stopping by!


It does help to have some crypto knowledge, I feel. Getting into crypto led me to Steemit, but it's good to provide help for artists who might not know anything about the crypto world.

A good article for those starting out in this community. I wish I had such information when I first started. I just blundered along and learned as I went. There are so many facets of steem and there is an unlimited way of making money on steem. Some good, some not so good.

....upvoted and resteemed.


Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, there are many ways to invest in Steem. I hope this posts helps a few people gain some more traction. I appreciate your upvote and resteem!

Please DO NOT make comments like... "Upvote Me/Follow Me/ETC." You know SPAM when you see it, and so do the posters. Instead, actually read the post and make a comment that is relevant, funny, or whatever AND doesn't make you look desperate


Normally I just ignore users fishing for upvotes or follows through the use of hollow, cookie-cutter comments. Today, however, I actually decided to flag someone for spam because they replied to a post with a link to their own post that had nothing to do with the post they commented on. I can excuse tactless behavior from new users that are still learning how to network, but some behavior is simply not okay.

Thanks for helping out newer users! I gave you my measly little $0.01 upvote :P


Thanks for dropping in. Yes, it's really annoying when people cut and paste those comments in every post. Sometimes I think Steemit should limit the number of posts/comments that we can make a day to some reasonable amount that would keep people from excessive spamming.


Yeah, they limit voting power, it would make sense to create some sort of limit on commenting to prevent copious copy/pasting to tons of blogs.

lol i am one of those person who votes a lot. thank you again for letting me know that only 20% regenerates each day.

Thank you! I´m also new to Steemit and I´m learning every day - especially through posts like yours. Very appreciated!

Hi, @theinsideout I enjoyed reading your post. I really want to make a good content and to help others to succeed in steemit. I want to contribute in here so we all could benefit, sharing our talents and having fun doing this. Thanks, for posting this. It's inspiring. Steem on.

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I could not help myself and did vote on this post :P it is informative and helpful am def. going to look into how to use steamworld, thank you for the tip :)


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Thank you for posting this! I started 2 weeks ago and everything was not so clear at beginning. This post revealed some mysteries that I had :D
Best of luck in future work!

this will really helps us. thank you for the tips and pointers.