Why Organising Contests Is The Best Possible Way To Grow On Steemit !!

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Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

So guys today i want to share a very important fact with all of you that will help you to grow more and more on Steemit and you cannot even imagine that how magical this way to get more success on Steemit without even spending anything.

All right so first of all many of you asked me that why i keep organising contest and how i managed to pay all the time with my own money,

Well this is the most funny thing because in practical i don't pay anything from my own money or from my Steempower because i know how we should organise a contest to get give rewards to people without even spending my own money,

So basically if you noticed that many big steemians are always organised 1 or 2 and some times even more Contests each week on a continuous basis and also paying good rewards to people who won their Contests but if you pay some attention then you are going to realise that the winning amount is always around the half amount of what their posts are earning an a regular basis,

Fo example if i post an article that their are high chances that iam going to earn at least $1-$2 on that posts and if i have to organise any contest then first i examine my past payout and Upvotes frequency and after seeing that how much upvotes iam getting on my previous posts, i decides the value of Winning price and it's also a very important thing because in practical I just sharing a fix amount of rewards from my own post payout and it's really help me to keep the flow of money in my account and the contest also,

if you are able to organise all the things properly then there are chances that you can organise more and more contest each week and demo contest your guyses week the more you are going to get noticed by other people and get appreciation from steemians and whales,

And guys we all know that steemit is based on a mutual helping kind of thing and if you want to grow here then the only thing that you can do is helping others as much as you can.

I hope you all are now able to understand that why organising contest is always been raining situation for the steemian is organised in the contest.

Thanks For Reading My Post

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Wonderful information and good contents thanks to share vote byme

upvote please!!!

hi @thecrytotrader
very useful informstion for new steemians like us. I noted that organising contest on steemit is very good thing. I also do the same things for growing on steemit.

thank you for good post.