Why Curators Are The Most Valuable People On Steemit !!

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Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

So guys it's been a while since i started my own Discord Server for allowing people to get more exposure and Upvote on their quality content and iam trying my best to Curates all posts that my members are posting in respective Post-promotion channels on my server,

But the best thing that i learnt from Curating steemians is that this platform is almost a depressed place if we remove all the Curators because at the end if we have to just upvote ourselves then this will remove the surprise factor from Steemit and this will pull Steemit into a dark side for sure,

I know being a Curator is not an easy task at all but this only happens if you think about the money that your upvote worth of but if you see the smiles on the faces of many steemians to whom you gave your precious upvote then you are going to realise that this is a thing that not many of us think to do because we all want the money for ourselves but the happiness in giving is much much greater then that.

So always respect the Curators because they really deserves your respect.

Thanks For Reading My Post

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Is it just me or is everyone getting less comments and upvotes?

So always respect the Curators because they really deserves your respect.

i agree with u

Thanks for Reading buddy.

Hermosas palabras @thecrytotrader de verdad algunos Curadores ni se imaginan lo FELICES que nos harian si de vez en cuando votarán algunas de nuestras publicaciones en positivo. Saludos para tí Amigo y para todos los Steemians

I appreciate what your are doing sir and I want to Thank you for helping all of us, giving part of your time curating all of our posts. May you continued to be blessed!

Great post...I totally agree with you,without curators steemit would be so dull and boring :)

Being a curator is not easy, especially because have to find the best content to curate
Thank you very much, I have become a member in discord sir @thecrytotrader

This is the true that without curator author is nothing..
So every author needs the support of curators. And authors should respect them and I'm agree with you..

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