Steem Is Rising Again !!!

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Hello dear steemit friends,

Today I am very happy because steem is started some recovery last night,and the prices of steem is rise from $0.90-$1.22 and this little chance in the price also make our wallet rewards high,


My wallet some days before showing Account value of $210 but now it's going up and showing $283,


My estimated value on is also increased from $220 to $313 today.


So friend keep hold your steem because this cryptocurrency has a really great future,and always convert your sbd into steem because sbd don't have a very high rise Potential but steem have a really good potential and a very bright future,

So tell me in the comments how much your account value increased now.

Keep steeming guys and now you can chat with me at:-


Plz follow me on Twitter also for instant update of my posts:-


Follow me :- @thecrytotrader

Resteem and upvote if you like the post,

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Cool, through you I got to know steemwhales which I didnt know before. Thanks! :)

Welcome buddy :)

Keeping some of my SBD, it can rally to $2 again in the future :)

Yup but the sbd can't go up from $2 but steem is going very good high amount in coming time.

I need a slight drop again So I can buy more 🤑

thanks for sharing

Welcome buddy :)

oh crap, that is not what i wanted, i want it to go down.

but it was good, I got hold of STEEM from STEEM DOLLARS at a ratio of 1:1
and I started to upload pics too because no one was uploading :(

That's great keep it up buddy

Keep rising !!! Nice bro

That is some good news...I love to see steem growing. Too bad for those who didn't buy when the price was low. Thank you for sharing

Welcome and i covert all my sbd into sreem in last crash so noe sbd going down but steem is rising very well :)

what a great news.

Yay greats news!!!

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