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Wow just over 3 weeks on Steemit and 20 posts later here we are still loving it and loving all of the info on Steemit, have been promoting it on twitter and friends getting people encouraged about it which is super exciting, its been an absolute pleasure to read all the comments and getting feedback and thank you to the big upvotes as well!

Ok so into a bit of crypto, were sitting tight and ready for some big things in the crypto space especially for Bitcoin! Last week Thursday the 20th we seen it move to the $2900's again and everyone was holding their breath waiting for it to crack into 3k mark but unfortunately everyone would be blue by now because its just been dancing above and below the $2750 mark, which in my humble minnow opinion will stay there if not drop a touch until the August 1st. With some pictures to come of my little bit of prediction dabbling on Trading View fantastic tool for looking at trends and also drawing on there and just creating your own piece of predicting art :)

Dash has also boomed since it's release on the Apple platform, so if you have dash and don't have the app, your doing yourself a disservice! If you don't know much about Dash you can follow them on twitter or check out their whitepaper and news on CoinMarketCap.

Sooo whats been happening the past couple of days, my last post was 6 days ago Super Guide To Understand Bitcoin and I apologize but had some stuff going on at home. My girlfriend unfortuntely had a pretty savage car accident just down the road from where we live, the accident wrote her car off and basically took the whole front end of her little Focus bar the engine, heres some pics



She's perfectly fine, she just got some bruising across her chest from the seat belt and burns and bruising from the air bags going off. She was just a little shaken up for a couple of days especially when it came to driving and cars on the road and stuff. Had to lodge all the claims and insurance and stuff. So if you are looking for a safe car buy a Ford Focus, save your life. Were also moving a new place hopefully in the next couple of weeks so we have been looking at houses and stuff to rent ATM, pretty exciting.

Want to give a shout out to my new followers just clocked 91 so thank you for following even though I haven't posted some content :)!
I will be doing a 100 Followers special, it might not be on the day of 100 followers, but will be a video :) so keep your eyes peeled!

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Hey Benjamin good to see you back :) I've been a little absent myself.

I can only imagine how shaken up your girlfriend must feel, the pictures of her car looks like a pretty scary situation to be in. I was in a tiny car accident a few years back and that alone left me with a sore neck for a few days and jittery being in a car. So I can't how uneasy she most feel. But time heals all. I wish your girlfriend a smooth and quick recovery.


Heyyy good to see you too :) Can't blame you though, can't post with no internet haha but all the places you go are always so COOL!!

Aww no :( I wouldn't wish it upon any one! I hope it didn't leave you with any problems! I couldn't agree with you more, time is the best healer. I'm sure she will appreciate your kind words i'll pass them on :)

Hope your having a blast in Cambodia :)


Cambodia has been really great, I think one of my favourite trips I've had so far. The staff at the hotel are so nice and just been having lots of good food and excited to explore a new area. How have you been :) Hope you are doing well.


I could imagine how good that food tastes!! Judging by how fresh it looked. Arr I miss that feeling of exploration, nothing better! I've been sick actually chest infection haha so i've just been sleeping a lot trying to get better before Wednesday because I have a job interview for sales which I'm excited about, get to meet new people :) Hope your doing well as well :)


It was really exciting getting to see a new country, you will definitely get there for sure! Just one year!

Oh no :( I hope you are fully better by wednesday, a chest infection sounds super painful >_< but I wish you all the best for this job interview. Yeah I agree It's a good opportunity to meet new people and make new friends too.

I'm doing good, just starting to get back into the rhythm again. I have two more months left in thailand, and i'm just hoping hire someone to help me market my business and hopefully take that to the next level so 1. i don't have to do much freelance work anymore and focus on other projects that I want to do and 2. so I can get a consistent income to move to sunny coast~~!