If You Really Want To Help Steemit This Christmas DO THIS ASAP! You could win 150 SP.

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This is Your Moment to Shine

I've been really pleased by how well @winstonwolfe's "This is Your Moment" video turned out. Sadly there is no way of making sure that these things go viral but we should as a community give it as much help as we can.

To be honest the fact that we only have 23 likes on it is pretty pathetic. According to SteemD we have about 7600 active users over 7 days and well over 13,000 over 30 days. I don't think a few thousand likes and comments is too much to expect.

What to do?

1. Click the link to the video on Youtube : This is the direct link.

2. Log in to Youtube - it is easy if you already have a gmail account. If not you can make a new YT login in seconds.

3. Watch it (if you haven't already), Like it and Comment.

4. Be sure to include your Steemit name at the end of your Youtube comment (e.g. I am @thecryptofiend on Steemit).

5. Share and Re-steem this post any way you can so we can get more people to do the same.

6. If you know a fellow Steemian who may be inactive prod them to do this small thing.

7. In 24 hrs I will award the account of my favourite commenter the SP. Thanks to @pfunk and @winstonwolfe that is now 150 SP!

8. To reduce procrastination I'm not giving it a firm deadline, so if you want to win do it ASAP.

Let's give this video the best chance and most momentum that we can!

If you like my work please follow me and check out my blog - @thecryptofiend

All uncredited photos are taken from my personal Thinkstock Photography account. More information can be provided on request.

Are you new to Steemit and Looking for Answers? - Try https://www.steemithelp.net.

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EDIT - Well it has been about 24 hours and my favourite comment was from @giftedgaia

I have sent the 150SP to him which can be checked on the blockchain. Also we have more than 101 likes 767 views and more than a page of comments. Well done everyone but lets keep working on pushing this. I have an idea for further promotion which I will be sharing and working on soon.


Don't forget that the Facebook version has 500 views as well.

Thanks I hadn't seen that repost. I think I might do a similar thing to get people to share and comment that too after this. It only has 35 likes and about 3 comments so I don't think many people know about it yet.

I am @surpassinggoogle on steemit and I won't lie the video came out unbelievably amazing. Watching this video though I think works mostly to encourage already existing steemians. It helps you know solidify our conviction in it. It is nice to see as it became obvious that there indeed people on steemit with daily lives and playful times along with the many really brainy geeks. I think tho and just slight more content to introduce steemit more to the public or say YouTube organic viewers in this case to steemit. Some more words to fully say what steemit is in a language they will understand. The video had some intro at the beginning but the fun and animated part that came later with humans was so amazing it makes you kinda forget what is really being talked about, so perhaps the end part should have some more words to explain steemit in a very easy way, highlighting its greatness, calling it a form of social network that let's you be yourself, uncensored and the future of social network etc. inviting people to follow the trend as blockchain is starting to come to live and especially in 2017. In general tho for us already on steemit that video is upbuilding and lovely as we already know what steemit is. A general youtuber will be more lost in the amazing part of the videos with the guy dunking and @papa-pepper and @craig-grant doing their thing, they will also remember the word steemit and this may play a role in their joining much later as they got awareness now but if steemit is explained a bit more with the text part, they will take action instantly

Haha, the video was amazing. The make did pro job. It looked like a standard YouTube video on life, inspiration, breakthrough etc, it will easy for a general YouTube view to get lost in it's moments, they forget the crypto-like message, at the beginning of the video but the awareness from the word steemit will stick tho and action will come much later, when the suddenly come across the word steemit again, perhaps weeks or months later and they'll go, I have seen that before let me see what it is about and that is when action to join may take place. In one post in the past, I recommended videos cos they are shareable. I recommended short epxlainer video that does it All. Explains steemit in layman terms and is so convincing and explanatory. When that video is available, all that is required for steemians to do when inviting friends and the conviction will be fully there to do it is. "Oh, terry go watch this video and the video does the rest all. Once, there is a video like that, it can be share, can be confidently advertised even if paid ads cos the video does it all. I talk from my experience. I missed out on all the opportunities that I was eventually part of cos I only got aware at the beginning but wasn't convinced. So I must have seen the word steemit somewhere before I got on steemit much later in august!

Hey all thanks to our stellar Steemians @pfunk and @winstonwolfe the available prize is now 150SP - I have amended the post and title to show this. Merry Christmas!

All for one and one for all!!! Let's share all out! Thanks for the incentives too. Namaste :)

Shared on FB in 5 FB Steemit groups, on my internet marketing fanpage too and re-steemed ;-) Commented on You Tube and liked with all my 3 You Tube Channels :-) Plus one tweet and one share on Linkedin.
Merry Christmas.

Thanks so much!

You are welcome and thank you for this nice reminder to spread to word :-)

Nice video Sir! You're great! Resteemed x3 accounts and shared on Facebook!

Thanks. It's all down to @winstonwolfe and the community.

I just checked back on the video, looks like the likes have more than doubled since you posted this, great job my crypto friend!

Thanks. Let's hope they keep increasing:)

My heart was filled with happiness when I saw the work done by Kent with a piece of the life of each of my steemit brothers and sisters, that I followed during these six months shown in the video. This is the magic of creativity and freedom called Steemit! Grab Them Steemers!
Share link in: https://twitter.com/Lordemau/status/812704291366567937
Thanks @thecryptofiend! You always surprise me! (;

Thank you. Winston and the community did a great job that is why we must not waste it.

For anyone who is on twitter here is a link to my tweet about this, please like and retweet:

Soul_Eater_43 The Cryptofiend tweeted @ 24 Dec 2016 - 16:08 UTC

If You Really Want To Help #Steemit This Christmas DO THIS ASAP! You could #win 50 SP. — @Steemit

steemit.com/steemit/@thecr… / https://t.co/BWz26N0ru3


Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Good catch. We watch the videos here on Steemit, but they don't get YouTube votes.

Yes it is so easy to forget. Views help but likes and comments can help even more on top of that. Plus even the views are less than 500 - probably because of the time of year.

Great idea! So glad it's being received well enough for people to be motivated to share it so widely!

Yes hopefully this gets it more momentum so it moves outside of our community:)

Yes, as my comments here and on YT reflect - I was heading my comments in a blue collar approach for non crypto users etc as outreach.

Great move, @thecryptofiend, @pfunk and @winstonwolfe!
Upped, resteemed, commented and shared on twitter/linked. If I still had a facebook account I would share it there, too ;-)
Viva steemit family! <3

Thanks so much! Merry Christmas:)

Wow, I've just realized that YouTube (or the channel owner, but I really hope that wasn't they) censored my comment! :( I will try again, but this is... I don't know what could I say to remain polite. :@ It accepted my "random" 2nd comment ("OK YouTube, we will play a bit."), so there is hope.
This is one of the reasons we need blockchain & decentralization!

It was probably Youtube itself they have algorithms to remove certain links and things I think.

Definitely wasn't me! Not sure what that's all about. However, I just now went to my Youtube page and did find a comment waiting for approval. I've approved that comment, so it should be showing now!

Thank you!
I confirm what you've just written, it appears now.

I'm working on a blog about it. I wanted to show you that I really posted that comment (for a scenario when I couldn't manage to send it again), but as for the problem is solved now, I'll post it to show the users the autocracy of YouTube.

Thanks for spreading positivity! A waterfall begins from only one drop of water, sir. Look what comes from that - The Power of One.

Thanks you - yes hopefully we can create a waterfall with this!

Very good job
thnx kent

Yes it is awesome!

Yes bro
am sure it brought some sweet memory for many , also give a good cor view about what really is steemit about
Nice :)

I already shared it, but forgot to like it on YouTube. Thanks for reminding me to do that. :-)

I hope you have a wonderful christmas. I'm looking forward to everything 2017 has to offer, and that includes reading more of your wonderful posts ;-)

You are too kind. Merry Christmas!

Are you updating the bounty on an hourly base now? I am just laughing because I recognized you started with 50 - then 100 and 150 so I had to make that joke ;-) Really a cool action. Thank you.

Everything is done, I was the 70th like and this is RS for you as requested.

Edit: - I shared my blog post on this video y-day in about 6 FB groups and it wwent to twitter and also my Linked In, if I remember correctly, I was trying to spread the word.

Here is the comment I made on YT -- I was aiming to to reach the people who do NOT know Crypto or Steemit and hope that outreach comment makes sense to people learning. Like me.

This is awesome! Steemit.com is a community where you get paid to post, vote and comment -- No other social media site does this for you! Your time and ideas are worth something people. People have been programmed by the media "companies" to think otherwise while they earn profits for your time and attention in this literal economy.

Steemit is changing the game - it uses Blockchain and Crypto tech. to connect us to one another, archive things, and you learn about crypto currency and technology when you are on the Steemit platform. You learn a lot every day there. Crypto currency is usually associated with Bitcoin - as it is widely known. So think that technology but for everything else, if you are reading this or learning. Including connecting you to a platform and Steemit currency that pays you for your time and attention online and scales it accordingly.

I have a few Google/YT accounts but this one is my current one for commenting. I am @barrydutton on #Steemit and I was happy to see this project come about and grow organically with a lot of work from the Steemit Community.

Many of us reblogged the requests for video over a couple weeks to get word out to everyone to contribute to this project and keep the info out there and make it inclusive.

Several of us after this video came out wrote our own posts with this video link to create more reach for the video and keep this moving and in newsfeeds. I know that is why I did my blog post on this anyways!

Steem On people. @ned and @dantheman have your backs on Steemit. They are the founders (Ned Scott and Dan Larimer) and we are thankful for the opportunity and community they have given us.

Yours in #Liberty --- Barry Dutton. -- @barrydutton on - steemit and Twitter.

Thanks that is awesome:)

Thanks man! I was glad to see your post today, I appreciated the tone and the message a lot and I agree.

I have resteemed , Twitter and Facebook that video already.

Steem_Land Steem_Land tweeted @ 24 Dec 2016 - 17:49 UTC

If You Really Want To Help Steemit This Christmas DO THIS ASAP! could win 150 SP

steemit.com/steemit/@thecr… / https://t.co/xqIlmLoH4s

@SteemUps @SteemitPosts @steemit

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

have a good Christmas @Virtualgrowth. You are everywhere everyday on here lol

You may get a liberty laugh out of how I started this post a few mins ago---


I've watched it, its really good :)

Thanks. Did you like it and comment on Youtube - that would really help too? Merry Christmas:)

I watched it when it first came out, ill go watch it again :)

Lol. You don't have to. I think it only counts it as 1 view from your Google account, no matter how many times you watch it.

Merry Christmas. You made my favourite comment and I have sent you the 150 SP:

Holy Moly - I wasn't expecting that! Thank You Good Sir! :-)

You're welcome. Thanks for taking part:)

Ah shoot, I came here today hoping I had won.

Keep up the good work

Sorry it was very close but Gifted just edged ahead. There will be lots of other chances too. I think I will do another push in a few days on Facebook. Right now is probably not the best time.

You're welcome. I hope it works:)

shared on FB and Twitter .... and commented on Youtube..... great Xmas bro***

Liked and commented and retweeted! I hope we can get more views and comments too

Yes would be awesome!

Defo, I have a pathetic number of twitter followers but it only takes one to pass it on then on then on etc!

Shared on FB timeline and commented, hope this helps :)

Thank you so much:)

I've seen the vid before but only went to "like" after your post. :-)

Cool. Thanks. I think most people forget!

sometimes i remember but not this time so good for your reminder. :-)

I Upvoted,resteemed and liked the video but can't see how to leave a comment ?! I have never done it before ! Lol ! Steeming on and really hope alot of people at least UPVOTE the video ! I love it's awesome ! Thanks steeming on !♨👍♨

cryptofiend great idea . I have resteemd and also went and liked on youtube and also commented

Good comments on there -- following you now. Kinda been wondering if you tarzan, where Jane??

Awesome post @thecryptofriend, great way to get the video and the message out there!

Upvoted, resteemed, liked the vid on YT and left a comment. Thanks for keeping the ball rolling on this.


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