So Close To 400

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Almost 400 Followers

When I reach 400 each of my active followers will get my $0.02, that is you as a follower will receive a two cent tip, if and only if you have been active. As of this moment I need 35 more followers.

This will also trigger a pruning of my following list. I am in the process of writing a script that will unfollow you if you have not been active in a few days. If you believe you are unfollowed by accident, as scripts are not perfect, or if you were on vacation, in the hospital, or any other valid reason, I will refollow.

Michael Garcia

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Of the 400 only 257 had been active in the last 48 hrs. Tips have been sent. Thanks all to those that follow me.

I would give them at least 9 days with the bot to avoid removing those on vacation. Specially if you like anyone content a lot that would suck to have a bot remove someone that you don't want it to remove I am not in danger of that because I post every day.

I pressed follow. Hope it helps! Thanks for using the TIPPER :]

Thanks Micheal, I got the gift. You are awesome man.

Awh, thank you for returning to your followers!

Thank you @thecrazygym for the tip.
I resteemed your post so others will take notice and follow you!
Good luck!

Hey! Thanks for the tip man :-) Good luck with that script, very interested in the results. Lots of dead fishes all around. Thanks again! Steem on.

Thanks for the tip! Cheers and congratulations!


Wahoo, tip me up baby.

Thanks for the 2 cents Michael ! haha awesome idea man . \m/

Hi @thecrazygm, 2 or 3 cents back at ya! It looks like your having fun. :)

Congratulations. I hope You keep creating good quality content and that You achieve all Your goals :D

Thank you So much for the tip...!!! and Big Congo...for your success !!1

Thank you @thecrazygm for the 2 cents :-). And congrats with ur 400 followers! I am a mom of 2, so i cannot post every day :-). My projects are also not easy, so designing takes a few days. Please dont remove me from your followerslist!

thanks for the 2 cents

This is awesome man! I just received your two cents and wanted to say Thank you.

Congrats on hitting the mark! I just saw that you transferred me your two cents! :)

Great Job bossman!

Thanks for the tip! 😊

Heyho, thanks for the tip. Nice idea! Everyone is exited when there is a red wallet notification. Did I win a contest? Did I receive a "funding" from a millionaire because I write so interesting posts? Then the brain tells you to be calm, nobody gives away money and your contest transmittals are bad anyway. So ... maybe I got hacked ;-(
And then the surprise: Free Money!


Wow nice, lets check out his latest post. :D
Congrats on nearly 400 followers!

great job mate keep it up.

Well, you get one more now. Hope to see you soon at 1,000 and announce a 5 cent giveaway 😜

I do try my best to post everyday, at least once every 2 days. Hope to be more active....
upvoted and follow

Keep it up for 1000