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Laser Shotgun - Shotgun Slot

A energy weapon that fits within the shotgun slot. It has a lower base damage and fires fewer pellets than other shotguns but it has punch through. This means that if you line up multiple enemies at once it will hit all of them in a row.

Mini Launcher - Pistol Slot

Pistol that fires rockets. Slow reload but fairly high damage.

Vulcan - Heavy Weapons Slot

The vulcan fires a slow volley of very high damage projectiles. It uses rifle ammo instead of pistol ammo.

Gattling Laser - Heavy Weapons Slot

A energy based variation of the minigun that unleashes a highly destructive volley of energy beams.

Obliterator - Advanced Slot

Slow energy ball that packs a massive area of effect and damage on impact. This weapon is great for when things get really unfair.

Revulsion is an independent game project that I am solo designing right now! My plan is to get the game on steam early access soon.

You can support this project by simply following me and upvoting me on Steemit! Or you can play the free demo!

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cool stuff

Good work!