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A new level to extend the intro of Revulsion.

The plan is to add an entirely new level to the game that will occur right before the intro section currently available in the demo. So you will begin the game in the area depicted in the screen shot above rather than the large room you may have seen before that allows you to enter into deaths peak.

An Additional 15-30 minutes of game play to the free demo?

This level will be fairly decent in size and it will cover the basics of most of the game play. I want you as the player to have a slower start into the game where you have a chance to rely on the pistol for a bit more. Currently, I suddenly shower you with loot and toss you out the door and say "good luck!".

For example, the first thing you need to do in the game will be to refill your health with a booster. You will be shown a message that explains that the doors biometric scanner will not allow anyone with substantial injuries past the door. This level will act as a kind of tutorial section to familiarize you with everything you need to know.

Thus I will point you into a dark area (Don't forget your flashlight!) where you will be able to pick up a loot bubble containing a couple different boosters for you to choose from. These boosters will be able to recover your health fully which will unlock the door so you can continue into the next area.

At the end of the level will be a base line battle against a handfull of zombies and demons. at which point you will have a chance to enter the currently available content in the Demo. brandishing a shotgun just like before.

Why am I making the choice to do this?

This is two fold.

  • The first thing is that after watching people play the game in videos I am too often seeing people become confused about little details. I don't really give you a chance to learn the basics of the game at all. I don't explain that the boosters are your way of healing yourself. I don't explain that boosters consume action points. I don't have any kind of true tutorial in the game.

  • This also helps with the pacing and story telling aspect of the game. I give you a longer time to figure out the movement and loot system. I give you a chance to rely on a pistol. On that same coin this gives me a chance to provide some story elements which can be conveyed using either dialog or text. The idea that the doors are locked to anyone who has not healed their wounds is a way to hint at a greater situation.

I can use the same text to explain that the area you are in is called Artifact Containment. I will be able to start adding fragments and clues about the games lore using the same methods I use to explain the games mechanics in the tutorial section.

The current plan will be for me to have either computer consoles or maybe data cubes you can collect that hold information you can view on a PDA.

Either way this addition to the game should help it flow more smoothly overall.

Revulsion is an independent game project that I am solo designing right now! My plan is to get the game on steam early access soon.

You can support this project by simply following me and upvoting me on Steemit! Or you can play the free demo! Link Below.

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