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RE: Announcing Steem Guild, a second stage project to continue supporting good authors after Project Curie

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whats the problem if you guys upvote authors who receive high payouts? what defines high rewards? let's say post has the value of 80$, why not still upvote it to have higher rewards?


Voting power is limited and it needs to be spread out as much as possible to help as many people as possible... If someone is already generating $80 without us... they don't need our help for that particular post. Others can vote on that post if they like but that is not what this group was created for.

by your logic, we should not have more trending posts whose rewards are more than 200$. they are being upvoted by the same whales that are supporting your project, right? so whats the problem?

What we hope is that those getting small rewards also will be getting enough exposure that the community can decide if their content should be further rewarded. In general, it's not our place to determine what should be on top of the trending page; we're giving more people the chance to not only get rewarded but to be noticed by the community. The community can decide what content should get additional rewards and recognition.

okay @donkeypong :) keep it up :)

Posts can trend as high as they like, but for our specific project we will stay away from those. We are here to help the middle ground authors. If a post is already making $200 it doesn't need our help.

You are incredibly creative and definitely deserve to be rewarded as much as possible! However, if we voted on an $80 post, it would be one less vote for a $1 post. We have limited votes and we are trying to help as many creators as possible.

hey @hanshotfirst, i am not talking about myself :) but there is also the question of quality.. like so far i have found two professional writers (honestly, if you read their articles, you would agree with me) but the quality of their articles is not worth 10$ :(

I understand. That is why one of the goals of the project is to reward quality content. There really is a lot of quality content out there. We now have human eyes looking for it so the creators can be rewarded. If people see quality content being rewarded, hopefully this will encourage people to create even more.

okay, you got me :) anyway, i still provide posts that fit the rules of curie project. so please dont misunderstand my questions. just to be clear.

No misunderstanding at all. You asked a valid question. I get the impression you want to see steemit grow and to be filled with quality content. So we are on the same page.

oh yes :) i am working on a similar project, we just don't have so many rules like you guys :P