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One of the things I do daily on Steemit is to click 'new' and upvote 3 or 4 posts from new people. If you only watch trending or your own feed, you are late to the new stuff and more importantly, you are not helping to expand the reach and popularity of Steemit as much as you can.

And another thing, dammit! If someone spends a bunch of time with a thoughtful comment on your precious post and you don't upvote the comment, you are a jerk. Full stop.

Not everyone has the time for original content, photos, etc on a regular basis, but can contribute through rich discussion via comment threads. Not rewarding them discourages that. Obviously this has happened to me many times and my commenting (and use of Steemit in general) is way down.

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I think this is a community that we should help each other but not kept upvoting on the meaningless post. We do need to encourage everyone in this community to encourage each other but not encourage getting more trash to our community. I would recommend that people should work more on how to distribute the post to people who interested.


It's a tough problem encouraging quality content when 'just pay me' posts are rewarded, probably inspired by certain whales who get well rewarded for damned near anything they post.

I don’t do it every day, but I try to stop by the new page at least a few times a week. Separating the wheat from the chaff.

Lots of dreck is getting posted, but occasionally I stumble onto a real gem.


Exactly. It's pretty easy to spot the posts created solely for upvotes.