The True Power of Steemit! Thank You All!

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Hello, Steemit community!

Last evening, while I'm surfing Steemit, I found THIS POST... I was hooked by this situation!

Author - @darthnava, here is an excerpt from the post:

To those who are kind-hearted while reading this, I am humbly asking for your help. The income and savings from my online job as SEO specialist and blogging are not enough to cover the hospital costs. I need to keep working as my income pays for most of our daily needs and my father is jobless and has not yet obtained his pension.

The post was about $150 and has already begun to fall in "hot" section...

I'm just a small minnow, what could I do? But the one who wants - is looking for an opportunity, but who does not want - the reason to refuse!

I wrote to @gavvet in the rocket chat and resteem the post. Imagine what I felt? I counted seconds and waited...

Then I happily saw that @gavvet read my message, voted for the post and also resteem it. And a little later, the post began to gain even more!

I was inspired!

Of course, I fully understand that this is not my merit, I do not know about the actions of other members of the community...

It is a merit of the entire Steemit community!

After all, here I saw what is exactly must always be in the Steemit!

* Solidarity!

* Mutual help!

Here I met THE REAL PEOPLE doing good deeds!

Thank you all! A huge human thanks!

After all, I really understand @darthnava's situation... I got asthma when I was 6 months old. My parents did not have enough money, and medicine in our city is not very good, especially free medicine. I practically lived in hospitals, but it did not bring results... Since then, I live with inhalers in all my pockets :) But there's nothing to do about it! Apparently, because of this, this question turned out to be personal for me... I really worried about it!

We can help him, I thought... And we did it! We did not pass by!

Thank you all again!

Sincerely, Terry Craft.


Steemit is a new planet. :) Happy to see posts like these.

I'm glad to see that Steemit really solves problems like this!

@freedomination I Absolutely agree with you and @terrycraft thanks for sharing your personal story as well.

Steem is the Future guys!!

I am so happy I have found steem
My Facebook friends are wondering where did i disappeared.

Same here... more time on steem these days than FB HAHA

I am new to steemit and 100 % love it and the people on here is way awesome :) I am happy to hear that we can all stand together and help one persons life turn around for the better . :)

When you find another cases, let me know.
I will in.
My voting power might be helpful.

resteem :) keep it up!

i like steemit! valuable posts contributed by everyone!

steem is hope, steem is future

Very nice.

Indeed. Steem is truly a community that looks out for each other.

Hello @terrycraft,
Thanks for the post and welcome to Steemit mate!

loved this :) how it should be!

I think the steemit community really needs to start pooling efforts to help the community members with serious needs. Similar to how we managed to come through for @darthnava

Well Done Indeed !
You are not a human being, you are a Humane being, the highest form of human beings on the planet ! Spread the love !

Read More, Reason More ... JTS

When I started to grow up, I started to notice a lot of shit in life, then I realized that it was almost everywhere. I began to become a misanthrope... But at about 25, I realized that I love people! I believe in humanity! Just the real people very little!

I hear ya man... At 56 , In my life I have see more than I would wish on anyone .. I am trying to get people to be more empathic in their views and language. I can't stand it, and actually it hurts me to hear people say thing like, "Oh that's a shame, "That's not right", "that's just wrong", etc., etc., etc. They should be saying, OUTLOUD, "That's FUCKING EVIL ! AND IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW ! Things are not bad, they are not wrong, they are not a shame, they are EVIL !!!
Just sayin ..

Read More, reason More ,,, JTS

Unfortunately, many prefer to stay away from evil things, until it touches them...

I'm talking about calling a spade a spade ... being passive on evil is just wrong, actually, that's what Boodock Saints was all about ...

Absolutely agree. Things need to be called by their names. But passivity (indifference), when you see evil, is the same evil.

Actually, indifference was the word i was meaning to use ... EXACTLY ! Well said !

I wrote about it more than six months ago. It's my opinion, indifference - evil! You can find it here