One Year, 1,000 followers! You can do it too!

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Hello, my friends,

I am happy to announce that I have surpassed my goal by the end of the summer to obtain 1,000 awesome followers, upvoters and friends on since joining in June of last year. It has been an amazing ride, and I am very humbled by all of the support I have gotten on my journey to go to Anarchapulco in February using Steem, and it is now a reality!

I will now focus my posts on addressing cryptocurrency trading, ICO research, current events as well as some of the old picture stories that I have posted in the past. I just wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart that this site, concept and community has been awesome and yes, even life-changing!!

If you aren't yet a follower, shoot me an upvote and I'll be more than happy to review your stories and posts. Thank you again!!


Congrats on your followers! Add me to the list :) I left you an up vote thanks for sharing 💖

You have a new follower now, kristyyd! Welcome to the club!

Congrads @tee-em on your achievement, following, upvoted

Thank you, ma'am!

Your so welcome

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This community needs a solid stream of great content like yours!

this is really great. thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your trading and ICO research reports. Would love to learn from them.

Good for you! Loving this community.