I have 99% voting power. What do I do?

in steemit •  3 years ago 

I finally reached the 99% voting power. What do I do now? Do I just wait for door number 3 to open? Do I get a trip to Tahiti? Do I get to spin the wheel one time on Wheel of Fortune? Do I get a year supply of bananas? Do I get to sit in the counsel meetings? Do I win a band new car? Do I get to enjoy a day on the moon? Do I wait and get a Snickers bar? Do confetti drop from my living room ceiling while im watching Hunger games? Do I get to tell my supervisor that Im his supervisor? Do I get to meet the geico insurance lizard? Do I get a 3 month subscription to Hulu? Do I get a reddit 1 day hate free pass? Do I get unfrequent flyer miles? Do I get 2 for 1 coupon to the cheese factory? Do I get tickets to a hotdog eating contest? Do I get a coldplay cd? Do I get a subscription to peoples magazine. Do I get to skydive? Do I get to pick 1 item on open bazaar? Do I get to run down my street naked? Do I get a make-up tutorial? Do I get a pet tiger? Do I get a ....okay you get the point by now.

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Talk to yourself and...

vote for it!


Lucky you!!!!

toma tu voto

good job. upvoted

You are very funny btw. :)