Steemit is SKYROCKETING in value tonight! Up over 150% in a single day.

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It is on all of our minds.  How high will the price go?  There are many factors to take into consideration.  How many people will continue to tell their friends as the rewards for posting decrease?  A massive amount of Steem is in the hands of a few people so they have a bit of control over the price between them.  But what they cannot control is the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) where Cryptocurrency traders market buy massive amounts of coins to increase the price.  One great thing Steem has going for it is a low supply of available Steem as many people have their coins vesting for the increased Steem Power.  I believe Steemit may surpass Bitcoin in market cap this year as many Facebook, Twitter and Reddit users realize the money making potential of Steemit.  Possible 100x growth from the current price of 250,000 satoshis.  Get ready for a wild ride my friends!  I am glad I can join you all on this journey through the worlds first blockchain based social network.

Here is a capture of CoinMarketCap top coins on 7-12-16 2AM central time.  Please comment on how high you think the price will go and why.

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