Steem Enhancer - introducing tags following and even more!

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Dear Steem community, we are glad to introduce new Chrome Extension that will boost your experience using Steem, especially!

Steem Enhancer lets you follow tags and receive Rich Notifications. You can adjust some settings to get even more.

Everything you need to do is to visit extension's Settings Page and type tags you want to follow. Since then you will get Rich Notifications and Sound alerts (disabled by default).

Steem Enhancer can notify you when you get new reply to post or comment. All you need to do is to type your username in extensions settings. You don't need to login anywhere.

There is of course list of unreaded posts on your tags. It will appear when you click extension's icon. You can set all notifications as readed in one click or click every item one by one to ignore it or visit on Steemit.

Almost every important option can be set. If you need something, you can let us know and we will try to introduce it as soon as possible.

Just install it and start using. You don't even need to be logged in on!

Future plans

There are still things we want to upgrade or introduce in few days:

  • Displaying notifications of other users' activities on your posts, like upvote / downvote
  • Ignoring tags which will allow you to filter unwanted posts
  • Some UI tweaks
  • Adding buttons on tags' pages to simplify followed tags management
  • Porting extension for Firefox users
  • Everything what Steemit community will decide is necessary

If you see any bugs or features you want us to introduce, just post your comment under this post.

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I would like to know why are people developing first for Chome instead of for the WebExtension API, which is standard.

Every developer does its job the way it likes or is more confortable with, but just let me say the way I would have done it:

  1. Write all the features that I would like in the extension
  2. Research the way of implementing most I could using WebExtensions.
  3. Develop them using WebExtensions.
    3a. If there are too many features in that first release set, just develop the most basic ones, the MVP, but always having in mind that those features will be made using only WebExtensions
  4. Once I would have released the MVP -which uses only WebExtensions- in both the Firefox Addon repo and the Chrome Store, I would start working in those features that would only work in Chrome.
  5. Once I had release the new Chrome extension -which provides exclusive features- the I would start trying to port those features to the WebExtensions API -which would enable the add-on to also provide Firefox users with those new features.

But I could also be wrong. I am many many many times. Anyway, thank you for developing that interesting new add-on which I, as a Firefox user will not test.

A very good comment. As a Firefox user, I’d love to see the same!