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Hi guys! Hope you read and upvoted the Part 1 of this Topic.

Today in part 2, i will be discussing about how to make money from our very own steemit platform. This is actually a bit tricky, but it is possible.

What is steemit ?

Steemit is a platform where a community shares their knowledge or views regarding many topics. In return, if the content is good, they get a lot of upvotes on which they earn money.


How can we earn money from steemit ?

There are 3 Methods of Earning easy money on steemit ( But you will have to invest some money to do this otherwise it will take a very long time)

  1. Write unique and engaging content to get upvotes. The higher the upvotes, the higher the rewards. But make sure that most of the upvotes you are getting must be from some whales because only then you will earn good amount of money. You need to engage with whales my regularly commenting on their posts so that you can come in their eyes and they will start upvoting you.
  1. If you invest some money, you can buy steempower. The more money you invest, the more steempower you get. Now, you can delegate this steempower to some whales or other people and they will give some share of their profits to you daily. This is a good earning technique but you need to invest a lot of money to gain a good amount of daily profits. You can easily find whales who will pay you for delegating your steempower to them.
  1. Curation rewards is also one strategy to earn money on this platform. You just have to comment and upvote on posts which are recently added to this community and if by any chance their post goes in trending, then you will also be rewarded as a curator. The percentage of curator reward is 25% of the post rewards. If you upvote on a post within the 30 minutes and there are very less upvotes within that period, and if after some hours it reaches trending and earns around 1000$, then around 250$ will be distributed among the first few people who upvoted the post. So you can earn easily 5-10$ from that.

What is the first one which can use to earn money

Thanks for this it was very helpful.
One question i have thought is how can i get more upvotes and more people following me?
Is this promiting stuff on steemit useful?

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If you give me upvote and I have given you an upvote.


Thank you so much for this nice sharing @technews666! This post is of great help to steemian newbies like me. Now, I am able to understand as to where my upvote goes. You explain it in a manner that it is not difficult to understand. Your simple way of explaining makes me realize the importance of my upvotes as well. Hope you will continue to post advice and guides for the benefit of those who are new at steemit. Thank you once again.

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This is very a very useful tips .thanks for sharing this huge information with us.
Go bless you once again

Really such nice article

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