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Today in the part 3, i will be discussing about a website from which you can earn some amount of income regularly, but this site needs investment. Without investment is also possible, but it will take a very long time.

The name of the site is NEOBUX.COM

It is one of the famous sites which is working from almost more than 5 years.

The process of this website is that you just have to click on the ads which are shown on the website after registering up with them. If you go for without investment, you will have to daily click on all ads of this website and slowly and slowly you will gain some money which will be used to rent referrals.

What are Rented Referrals?

Rented referrals on this site are those whom we pay some amount of money to click ads as our referral. We get commission from them when they click on our ads. So, we have to pay them a monthly fee and they will click our ads for a month.


Now, if you are ready to invest, then you will need to invest around 3000$. Yeah i know it is a big amount, but it will make sure that you will start receiving a steady income every month.

How to properly invest this 3000$.?

First of all, after signing up, you will have to buy the Ultimate Membership on this site, which costs around 900$. After purchasing that, you will get maximum commission from your rented referrals. Also, there will be no need to click on ads daily. You can visit anytime and just check whatever is going on. After buying the ultimate membership, you need to buy rented referrals for the remaining amount. It will take some time to buy referrals from that money, but yes it will be awesome to have a lot of referrals working under you.

You will start earning $$ within the next month and slowly they will start growing with every passing month. So, this is the strategy which i heard from many people on the internet and even i have seen many people do this.

If you have any questions, please ask below...


Dude how do you get so much upvotes on your posts?

Bro, you need to spend some $$ for that. Try it for once.

Who did you sent the money to exaclty?

Buy $3000 of steem put it in steem power and you'll earn money.

Easy peasy

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It looks easy but its not. How will you earn unless you promote your posts. For that again you will need SBD & Steem.

More you'll invest, post and comment more you'll earn. It's not necessary to promote your posts.

can you share your strategy? I am here for more than the year and can't earn =( so annoying...

Join on several communities out there. :)

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dear technews i was also using neobux for the last six months and the rented refferals are not cheap to maintain , are you now using neobux and will it be good for long term use?

Neobux one of the best site for earning its a PTC site.

Dear Plz also upload videos for sites.

Videos are better to learn about for anything.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will surely consider making videos.

I just share my thoughts with you

@technews666 it's cool to earn money but it will not give us a good amount because it's just a PTC site. Thnak you

Ya i know but it will surely give you a good return on investment. You will start making a fixed income every month.

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Thanks sharing valuable information. It's greatly help us in future to earn money 😊

It was my pleasure dear.

Thanks sharing valuable information. It's greatly help us in future to earn money 😊

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Thank you very much for this wonderfull post

good your post #NEOBUX site is the best trusted site to earn free money online instant paying site 9years online paying site

Yes you are right. i forgot to mention about this. Thanks!

Very well written and informative article. Increased my knowledge. You are very well versed in writing. Keep up the good work.

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i tried it fews years before but its waste of time it awards $.01 per add and its very annoying if you give a lot of time but no profit at all

Dear, i am talking about investing some money into it. Only then you can earn from it. Otherwise it will be a waste of time.

Nice content dear

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it's too old concept and lenthy

I never know this kind of website exists. Thanks for your information!!:)

Is it really easy to earn money online???

I have used this way of earning online i found it too expensive but it gives some income after investing a huge amount of money

Yeah. You are right. This surely will need a good amount of investment. But then it will provide good income for a very long time.

i know this.this is ptc site.

Is there an alternative platform where i dont have to invest as much money as 3k?

good job please share this type more information blog and news
read this high viral news

topic name -Do You recognize Bitcoin difficult With Calculate???

very helful idea bro thanks

Thes site is not profitable

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lost money and time by investing in neobux. Only those who knows proper strategy can earn.

good platform

nice, I would like to get detailed information about neobox. like how begain and how much i can earn if ill start it without investment.

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