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Just today, I found out my dad has stage 3 cancer. And he is a smoker... So I am so conflicted as to how to feel. I just want anyone and everyone out there currently smoking to know that you should quit. Please, you don't know how many people you affect by doing what you do.


I can only offer my sincerest sympathies for what you are going through.

The good news is that even with stage three, there are treatments that can be very effective. I wish your father the best in his path to recovery, and I realize that seeing someone that close to you battling an illness is very hard to bear.

Best to you and yours.

Sorry about your news. Sadly, Cancer is indiscriminate, one of my in-laws was diagnosed with breast cancer before she was 25. Yes, we should be doing all we can do to stop the spread where we can. I hope treatment is progressive for your dad.

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Consider sharing the Square One program with him. I made a post about it to help my friend who is also battling cancer. It was created by a person that had stage 3C colon cancer who followed a natural path to healing and has since helped thousands heal from cancer.


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