LOL at my wallet

in steemit •  2 months ago

I don't know if this is proper UI behavior or not, really, but I find it funny.


On the other hand, Busy, Steempeak, and don't display these transactions as all. On those front ends it just looks like SBD has been mysteriously disappearing from my account - and presumably in a couple of days Steem will start appearing out of nowhere.

I like this better than that, at least. But I think probably combining them the way delegations are combined would be a better idea. Or add some extra data to them - time of enaction, at least - if they're going to each get a line.

Dollar-cost-averaging this way is probably -ev, but I like having the ability to spread my risk out since I don't fully understand conversions yet. This way I get a lot of data. I should probably figure out roughly where Kelly is rather than just tossing in round numbers; it's almost certainly much higher than $100.

Fingers crossed that the market conditions stay this way for a while.

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I'm curious to see what price you get your STEEM at over the 3.5 days. I've been thinking about doing the conversions as well since SBD is below 1.00 USD.


There's still a day and a half to go before they start paying out, but the feed price is down to .785 and it looks like it should stay around there for a couple of days, maybe fall into the .77 range, so that's what the first set of payouts should be.

Then I have to decide which direction of risk I'm interested in, which is a pretty interesting question with things where they are. SBD hasn't been traveling northward with Steem until they get to par, so there's a lot more risk in buying it at .8 than there was in the nineties.

haha...your hundred dollar conversions are trying to run away... and LOL at any post that is titled lol at my wallet...18054-201705.zoom.c.jpg

it's raining SBDs for em up before bank of @ned catches on to it..

Is this the SBD to Steem Conversion which takes 3.5 days?



I was curious what the display came from @tcpolymatch


It's my Steemit wallet.

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