Which is more profitable to buy? Steemit or stellar

in steemit •  2 years ago

It depends on many factors like when you want to buy, when you want the profit?

Two profits are there

1 short term profit

2 long term profit

In my perspective both are profitable, not only these two every crypto coin is profitable. But it depends on when you want to sell. If you want to buy and sell on day basis then see

Stellar rose from USD 0.028 to 0.0428 in just one day that's 50% more. So if you have bought it yesterday and sell it today it became profitable.

Steem rose from 0.55 to 1.12 in just one day that is on may 9th . It doubled. From past 3 days it is constant nothing much difference.

In long term profit you have to see how many coins are in circulating supply in total supply and research about it like where it is used and mainly price depends on demand and supply, so see what is the transaction chart. Are transactions increasing or decreasing? If transactions are increasing its demand is high price increases, if less price decreases.

So let's say you buy both coins for $100 each. You get 2000 stellar coins at 0.04$ and 120 steem coins at $0.8. After 1 year if you sell stellar at $0.5 then your profit is $900. If steem increases to $1 then your profit is just $20.

So it all depends on when you buy and when you sell them .

Hope i answered your query. If you like it upvote.

For doubts and clarifications feel free to contact me at anytime.

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