The Tatiana Show with Ned Scott and Dan Larimer of Steemit, Brian Sovryn, Ryan Singer, and Joshua Scigala

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Josh and I were really excited to have on Ned Scott & Dan Larimer of Steemit with a skeptic Brian Sovryn, and Ryan Singer (a supporter but with an interesting background in business that I thought would be a good addition to the conversation).  The show was a spirited discussion about Steem, the upcoming curation guilds, Steem wealth distribution, and Identification/plagiarism among others.  I also made the announcement that I will be performing at Steemfest in Amsterdam (y'all better go!!  

Ned Scott is the co-founder and CEO of Steemit.  After studying economics and psychology at Bates, Steemit CEO Ned Scott worked in traditional private equity. Long interested in blockchain technology, after working on the BitShares project, Ned co-founded Steemit in 2016 to transform how people interact with social media.

Dan Larimer is the co-founder and CTO of Steemit. The founder of BitShares and one of the world's most experienced blockchain architects, Steemit CTO Dan Larimer has been a serial entrepreneur since 2004. Dan has created businesses in extraordinary industries ranging from virtual reality to unmanned vehicle control to cryptocurrencies. 

Ryan is the owner and CEO of Blockchain Health and has been an entrepreneur in the Bitcoin ecosystem since 2012. 

Dr. Brian Sovryn is the proprietor and developer of Zomia Offline Games, as well as the creator and host of the newscast Sovryn Tech. His background in technology comes from years spent with multiple tech companies, the U.S. Army, and from being involved in the cypherpunk community since the late 1990’s. Brian also has a Doctorate of Divinity. Beyond that, he was a co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live for two years, as well as a co-host with Dr. Stephanie Murphy on the popular Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network show Sex & Science Hour, and has made numerous appearances on other podcasts, radio shows and as a speaker at various events around the world. 

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@dan, did you go out late the night before? It's the first time i see you looking for the right words in an interview, normally you're talks are fluent and convincing

Good interview, enjoyed it very much, thank you @tatianamoroz

Steem (and Steemit) works because Dan always looks tired.

Thanks for watching Steve!

Give him a break, he just made the world a free'er place :)

I thought that steem power took 2 years to cash out now is a year?

an average of 1 year. Some you get in 1 week, some you get in 2 years.

Thanks :) did not know that......and i thought Craig Grant had all the answers lol

No problem, I was just sorry I couldn't get to move of them!

Was anyone able to decipher what the whiteboard behind Ned and Dan says?
Tatiana, looking forward to seeing (and hearing) you in Amsterdam!


Can't wait to rock out :)

I see that you need some help understanding steem & steemit better Tatiana, I hope this helps.

Right click > Open In new tab for bigger
Also Steemswap seems to be shutting down but there is now peerhub instead of it.

This is from "Dan's Evil Plan"post.

Is open to the public?

Yes, but it's in it's really early alpha stage.

Creator here. Yeah it is early alpha. It's all open source so there is that. Please check it out though!

With the amount of original content already popping up here on steemit, I can't wait for a marketplace built right in for them.

Steem is trading up this morning. Do we call this the Tatiana bounce?!?
What a timely and well balanced episode! That fact that a Steem skeptic like Brian Sovryn was included, and that Ned and Dan were able to answer his questions to any rational observers liking... well that was a powerful moment. Let's keep building this culture here. #buildfreedom

OMG you're right re the bounce haha. I think everyone was really civil and had a nice discourse! Thanks for watching!

I rather see Tatiana bounce ;)

There has been some talk about Steemit being a scam or Ponzi Scheme, but after actually seeing these two on the video, my intuition tells me that such negativity is nonsense. Thanks to Tatiana and the panelists.

Thanks! I think there are some good questions though that would be great to address further. It's pretty complicated, not sure what can be done in an hour you know? However, I loved all the guests.

Cool post.... thanks for doing this. I don't typically watch many videos, but this one I watched and/or listened to completely.

I'm glad you liked it! I think we could have gone on 2-3 more hours with all the questions that remained, but I wanted to keep it short since 1 hour is already a long commitment from an audience.

Good job getting these amazing minds together in one place.

Why is the $5 I received from joining, plus $5 for Steem (via Bitcoin), and $5 Steem Power (via Bitcoin) - totaling $15 investment, now worth $5.67? It's the worst investment I've ever made :P

Steem felt in price, thats why. I would not worry about it, Steem is rocking!

Without doubt the best @ned and @dan interview explaining Steemit that I have seen.

Ned, this is not your best hair day.

Hehehe, I thought you were talking about me, and I was like, wtf I thought I had a GOOD hair day! :)

Oh no, your hair is lovely. ^^

You are so handsome, I can tell :)

I think his hair is perfectly fine.

Good job getting everyone together.
Thank you to everyone for their useful information.
Yes you had a good hair day! :)

Thank you for watching! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks @tatianamoroz , that was an awesome show :) Good to hear more from @ned and @dantheman

Appreciate you watching, and glad you liked it @chadcrypto

Nice to get to know your work. Interesting interview.

Great stuff.

I've just became a fan of everyone on the show.

Fantastic- glad to hear!

Just shared on Twitter. This is a great article and video. Thanks for sharing. Happy to upvote and share on Twitter✔ for my followers to watch. Following and looking forward to reading more of your posts. Cheers. Stephen

Thanks very much, I am glad you enjoyed it! I had some great guests <3

You're welcome. Dan and Ned are geniuses..!! If you havn't seen it, check this out. Stephen

Saving it in my tabs to watch tomorrow ;) Thank you!

Thanks, I hope you enjoy them. Stephen

Very informative video...I watched twice. Following u.

Awesome! Thank you, I think I need to go back and watch some of it.

@ned or @tatianamoroz We'd love to have either of you on the SteemPress Podcast. Great Interview!!! I'm a long time listener of your show on LTB!

Oh so cool, I love when people listen to me on there, but I am always surprised when people DO listen haha! Glad you are enjoying it, would love to come on. Please email me [email protected] with the details!

I am 100% on board after 1,5 months testing.

I just wish it was a little easier. Though posting this wasn't too bad....

Good job everyone!

Thanks, we had some great guests :)

I think that Dan and TED, are some of the most sympatic people I have EVER seen in my life. It took me 1,5 months to realize it. I dont have words for how big this is, and how much these 2 people have contributed to humanity.

Really awesome show :))Love seeing and hearing everyone in real life :)

Thank you! :)

Great information.

Glad you found it to be so. We had a lot of questions from the audience, but we couldn't get to them all.

Great show ! Always interesting to hear ned and dan talk about how they got the idea to create steemit and the success behind it!

Yes, for sure! Will you be coming to Steemfest? I wonder who here will go...

I think I cant make it to Steemfest but I will join the lifestream for sure !!!!

Great interview, Tatiana! I really enjoyed this. Anddd you have a new follower :)

Thanks glad you liked it! :)

Great and needed interview. Thanks to all who made it happen.

Thank you for watching, hope to do it again soon!

This is great! I'd like to hear their thoughts on what their target is for when we might do a hard launch of!

Not sure I understand the question, do you mean when they try to go mainstream?

Yes. Right now we are in beta testing mode... I was just curious when their target was for us to be out of Beta mode and in the full on hard launch mode? If they have a target I mean... maybe they are just working out all the kinks and whenever they are mostly worked out we go mainstream at that time?

Good question, I don't know the answer though...

The show was a blast to watch Tatiana! Ned and Dan explained the Steemit platform well.

Glad you enjoyed it Randy. I think we needed more time tbh... but maybe a second show at some point :) I thought there would be more fireworks, but I thought everyone was pretty nice!

I think it's a waste when Dan and Ned are invited and other guest have no clue what steem is. Instead of asking these guys interesting question we got to hear basic stuff you can just look up in the white paper.

It would have been nice to get some questions from folks that understand steem so we could have had more profound dialog about steem and it's economy and eco system.

Keep in mind the audience of the video though. Most of the people that are watching have not read the whitepaper, so the 'introductory' questions do help to provide people with a better understanding of what Steem/it is.

Well but the questions are kind of confusing. If that is the goal there's is a better format. These were just uninformed people asking bad questions and wasting valuable resources of Dan and Ned time giving interviews.

Great input and info here, thanks!!

Great interview

cool conference!

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