Steemit Platform: Best Faucet For CryptoCoins.You Can't But Love It.

in steemit •  8 months ago

In Those Days people are searching for best crypto faucets.Most of the faucets available on the internet are scams.Very few of them are legit.Take a look at the legit sites and compare them with steemit platform.

Most likely the legit one. The will give you 22-30/more/less satoshi (dependig on the current value of BTC) roll per hour.If you want to have 0.001BTC (9 dollars at the time of writing) you shall roll 24x174 days!! I think 4176 hours are more valuable than 9 dollars. Another thing is that, they will offer you to bet on what you have earned or deposit their.With their provabley fair Hi-Lo game you will loose all of your hard earned coins/money.With having 50% wining chance you may loose 16 times out of 16!! So their provabley fair game most likely a provabley fair joke. :) Many people reports that they failed to withdraw their amount from this site and they never got any response from their contact support.
  • Bonus Bitcoin
They give 6-8 satoshi in sub-continent,16-22 satoshi in Japan,Korea etc and 36-50 satoshi in Europe, roll per 15 minutes. This site will pay you what you deserve.Still this is too much little amount comparing with your great effort.
  • Scams
Probably 99% Betting, PTC,Survey sites are scam. The legit ones will pay you too much little amount.Don't waste your valuable time after them.
  • Steemit!!
Comparing all of them with this platform, i found amazing results. Steemit platform has a great and strong community, which is growing fast. Besides, if you show up your skill, writing,photography,video making whatever it is, people will upvote you here.It brings rewards in the form of steem tokens for you what we call steem power(sp) and steem back dollar (sbd). You can exchange your sbd to get any types of cryptocoins or currencies you wanted. In short I can say, value your time and do steemit.
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