Focus energy: for frontend and Steemit Inc for blockchain and API

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Steemit Inc has very talented people who are working on the scaleability and incremental enhancement of the STEEM blockchain. Steemit Inc is also very innovative in thinking on how to take the concept of STEEM and make it available to other users and businesses in form of Smart Media Tokens (SMT's).

I hope most of you agree with me that Steemit Inc is great in what they do when it comes to all things related to the STEEM blockchain (Backend). What about the frontend however?

I remember the date very well, 12th November 2016 in Amsterdam. At the second day of STEEMFEST (1) a group of young and bright people who wanted to present an alternative frontend to introduced So the team build a front-end application on top of the STEEM blockchain from scratch and constantly improved it over time, considering the feedback received from users.

If you are new to this blockchain and haven't heard about yet than please check them out.

Back to the present you see that overtook UI/UX wise without a question. The only feature that I personally didn't find was to Power UP/Down directly from, other than that you can use for all tasks you normally would use

Search users directly from Fantastic!

Where is this going, are you disrespecting Steemit.Inc?

No not at all! I am just thinking, wouldn't it be best if Steemit Inc would focus their energy on the things they are good in, which is everything around the STEEM blockchain and expansion of it and leave the frontend (user interface and experience) over to who are better in that field.

At the end it is about being as effective and efficient as possible. What do you think would be the impact if Steemit Inc has only to worry about the STEEEM blockchain, don't you think developments and improvements would come more regular?

On the other hand, if Busy gets funded by Steemit to be the leading frontend for the Steem blockchain, don't you think we would get desired features quicker as well?

Maybe I see it too simplistic but what I see is that Steemit Inc is trying to do it all (backend and frontend) while they don't have to anymore.


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Excellent post and i agree with your thoughts is no doubt a great alternative of steemit and it also has many cool features which won't even exist in and their developers are continuously try yo make better, the coolest feature which i like in busy is the activity tab and live update of price feed, thanks for sharing your experience with us, Stay blessed


Thank you. Yes the user interface is well done on and I think it would be a good solution to have Busy focus on the frontend and Steemit on the backend / blockchain.


yes i agree with your point friend.

i nowadays got addicted to busy mostly for my post's its has great user interface and they are trying hard and great new features implementations daily great that we have such a great team on steem blockchain who are working so hard for all of us :)


Yes we are in a very well position to have so many talented developers working on the STEEM front and back end. Certainly a luxury to have!

Yeah, I see a lot of people talking about as of lately. The design is definitely much better than steemit as more user friendly. I just can't use it that much because my eyes start to hurt from the white background!


Implementing a nightmode option might be a great suggestion for the busy team. is best place on steemit for uploading your blogs because they give you rewards and support newbie


Yes the promotion on is a smart idea as well.


Yes I agree with you dear

Yes, i think should be active in front end and Steemit Inc. would focus on more growth of Steem Blockchain and i am hoping that in future we will get much better features for sure, for now only one major issue Steemit Platform is facing and that is promote button is not working and it's really important aspect for authors. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Nice your post

I recently joined but I am very happy to be here. Steemit will not succeed if not supported by a reliable workforce. Success @tarekadam

very useful analysis @tarekadam

when steemit is not accessible busy is the best option the beauty of steem blockchain is that we can access it from many front-ends :)

Steemit inc works for blockchain its seems to be amazing update,thanks for letting us known following you sir.

all the talented and hard working developers are making our experience more nicer and better along the way thanks to all of them