Some things about Bengali culture and heritage

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Every country or land has its possess culture. By raising countrywide go through this culture, all country and population will acquaint with their admit characteristics and not public characteristics in the world. And through the filled happening and think over of cultural life, the glorious model of every country emerged. mostly the history of a nation, the tactic of life, language, independence, sovereignty, thinking, art, literature, entirely be in the right place to its state-owned culture.


refinement of utter Bengali is Sanskrit. Which resources friction or farming. The English adaptation of ethnicity old the at the outset word of ethnicity in English literature, Francis Bacon, in the behind schedule 16th century. customs identification has no identifiable standards, characteristics and characteristics. Sociologist Jones said, "The total type of could you repeat that? humans creates is culture." Anthropologist E.B.Tylor said, "Culture is a involved compilation of behaviors, uses, knowledge, faith, art, ethics, laws, etc., as a organ of society."

taste possessor Para-gaon:

Palligram is ultimately the container and mover of culture. Palli county is asset the refinement of Bengal upside down. In Parganga, the link between sincerity, affection and connection develops. altogether aspects of dress, customs, festivals, belief and attitudes of rural sparkle are spoken in commonality and mutual spiritual connection. The conventional traditions of the populace is the aggregate count up of this only one of its kind and eternal shared behavior. The habitual ethos of Bengal is celebrated in this village village. Pithapuli festival of winter, festival of Nabanna, Paushamela, Boishakimala, Eid-Parbhan, Zarisari, Bhawaiyya, Bhatiyali songs and a mixture of sports etc., flourished Bengal's classical heritage and culture.

The foundation of Bengali culture:

civilization of a citizens is in harmony and strong-minded by its geographical environment, sacred rules, collective norms, following and financial systems. every single one these possessions suffer been laid down as a foundation fothe maturity of the Bengali nation's culture. The grassroots consumption habits, dresses, etc. declare influenced the be offended and quality of the nation. pious convention of something else religions, according to Scriptural guidelines, diverse customs and customs of every single one religions hold been developed. This is the cosmos of non-communal mores of Bengal. And these are the foundations of Bengali culture.

Types of Bengal Culture:

taste of Bengal Wakil Ahmed on bad terms into three categories. For example,

(A) city sophistication of Bengal:

The mechanical time of the metropolis is skirt to iron coat in four parapet of brick walls. Western and foreigners experience the impact of metropolitan life. Composite mores assorted with altered regions of the municipality has sundry polish (B) traditions of the persons of Bengal: fill taste It does not alter easily. The crash of foreign, western and city polish is on the odd occasion here.

(C) primeval culture:

The civilization of the ethnic put together breathing in Bengal is lasting and irreversible. Their affiliation with extrinsic is same low. They are accustomed to burden their peculiar rituals, rituals, pious beliefs and livelihood conditions. They by and large produce source of revenue by collecting farming, hunting and fruits. scheduled to the deficiency of adoption and exclusion, and fitting to be deficient in of awareness and transaction, the cultural change and increase of the ethnic groups of citizens is roughly stopping.

Cultural Heritage of Bengal:

The cultural get-up-and-go of the country has flourished in traditional values with the features and communal excitement of Bengal. at this point community of numerous religions, counting Hindu-Muslim-Buddhist-Christian, live in relatives of religion. They completely mutually unfasten their communal and pious rituals. They allocate elation with all other, others reach the festival. along with the main cultural heritage of Bengal, nearby are folk literature, music, cyclic festivals, poles apart holy symbols, sports, common customs, etc. Grameen lyricist literary persons bear fashioned folk prose by having
dedication in God, maintaining dutiful harmony. Folk copy includes rhymes, lyricists, dhadanas, fairytale, fairytale, fairytale, proverb, chronology etc. Grameen songs incorporate Bhatiyali, Bhawaiya, Jari, Marfati, Palagan etc. amongst the amusement of rural festivals and Bengali, near are Bangla New Year, Nabanana festival, Pitta-Puli festival of frost etc. The customary Jamdani skill of Bengal is immediately piece of the humanity tradition. factory of Dhaka branch, Sari of Tangail, Basalt of Jamalpur, Shital splinter group of Sylhet etc. are share of our culture. between the rural sports, the cultures like Tareya Bandha, Golachhat, Ha-Doo-Doo, ferry bicycle are absorbed in today's age. shared family tradition, group ties are progressively person extinct. thus far concord loving persons are irritating to found quiet through community unity and mutual cooperation.

Cultural changes and enhancements:

Our cultivation has urban on the get-up-and-go of the Bengali people. But our traditions misused in dissimilar times. Originally, our be the owner of traditions has been exaggerated by the foreigners who came to decide this country at singular times. As a result, a lot of changes and enhancements tolerate stretch in Bengali culture.

Degradation of Bangla Culture:

at the moment the degradation of Bangla discrimination has brought the total population to an upbringing of the illogical society. In the middle name of education, factionalism is ready on in the identify of ethical teaching and gathering services. In the brand of politics, in the label of music, in the fame of music,in the jumble of numerous languages, it is noteworthy, the chief subject of western fake and entertaining in the return of clothing has ended our cultural vivacity harm and dirty.

We have got to organize this for the sake of cultural civil disobedience of Bengal: As a dweller of the unaffected world, we have got to protect our own characteristics, personal being and ethos animate from inside the earth empire. And for our sake,

The upbringing of extraneous cultivation has to be closed and domestic urbanity desires to be addressed in the appearance of extraneous culture.

Except for the disobedient feature of unfamiliar culture, you receive to get well-behaved direction.

Our philosophy will contain to expand to every one of corners of the globe by escalating the run to of satellite channels and distribution programs.

each one desires to be discerning of the depressing aspects of overseas culture.

We essential finish every exertion to stop up strange culture.

To shield the area culture, broadcast not public benefaction will be increased.


Culture is essential for the nation as it is for the body. Culture reflects our society's life. And Bengal's pride is the antique culture of Bengal. Here is the desire for non-communalism, disorientation and acceptance of others. Under the influence of globalization, we are losing our spontaneous lifestyle and individual cultural characteristics through the influence of modern and foreign contradictions. So, the culture of Bengal should be sustained for the needs of our existence. The overall development of the country will accelerate through the consolidation of Bengali cultural consciousness.



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