A Minnow's Squeak.

in steemit •  2 years ago

First and topmost is Steempower.

A newcomer takes a while to grasp this. Even veteran social networkers need a gestation time to realize this.

Nerds and geeks did not get email or BTC on first contact. 

Even Antonopolous needed three flybys to grok BTC and pull down Nakamoto's white paper.

The disappointment of quality posters is expressed all over the site.

The missing link is to really hunker down and understand Steempower.

Conclusion: Waiting to recoup 20% or 30% in Eth and the Dao is not smart.

While sucking your lower lip for another few weeks to regain one's losses after the DAO saga

huge gains are missed! 

Eth/DAO and BTC are the grail but the only burgeoning and almost immediate honeypot is in Steempower

and its intelligent use. Once SP starts surging under your feet there is time enough to syphon off back into Eth and BTC.

Any comments are very welcome indeed.


Steem Power, Steem, and Steem Dollar explained from experience

Craig Grant

  • 3 days ago
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