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in steemit •  2 years ago

After hours of thinking what I should be writing, I finally came to know through a video of John Cena where he was reading his fans messages about his moto “Never Give Up” and how he motivated them to take the life challenges as they came with head held high and never Giving Up.


We all have role models in life we always think we should be like them or follow their example but it always not as easy as it sounds like because of one reason we Give Up. If you want to be successful you need to put hard work into it, if you need to lose weight you need to walk and do exercise but we don’t do we just wish it will happen automatically.

To all the new steemit user, we should follow this moto too. Don’t give up after a week or a month keep posting, commenting and up voting because that’s the only way you will achieve what you wanted when you joined this community.

Knowledge is power, even if you would not achieve as much as you want financially, you will achieve something more you never had that is knowledge about things you never read about or you were lazy to read about.

Just a little bit of motivation for me and all the fellow steemit users. Up vote and comment if you like :)

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Great quote from John Cena. He's a real stand up guy


sure he is :)

Yep, it's all about not giving up and keeping consistent towards your goals. That's what I tell myself everyday, sometimes it's hard, but there's no other way to achieve what you want, but like that. Great post!


Thank bkdbkd :) But you forgot to up vote :P haha


Haha don't mention it, I'm in no hurry! But there it goes, have a good :)