About Pakistan

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Pakistan is a beautiful country in the world
Becuse pakistan is a muslim country

Pakistan have many wonderfull vellys and beautifull citys

Pakistan is woderfull land around the world

Whoz people lived in there are very well personalited and nice


This is our country flag ........
Our quaid muhammad ali jinnah was gifted a beautifull country

This is our quiads picture..
Check it👇👇👇IMG_20180729_221753_332.JPG

Pakistan nay bohat c countrys ky sath axhy taluqat rakhy Hain jesay k China
Pak chaina dosti ki misal Puri dunya deti hay


We have a brave armay......

No anyone can do nothing with our country

Because our army have wonderful paisons

I love my country

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I know Pakistan is a Beautiful country andknow a day;s Pakistan new Preimmestar Imran Khan is a copy of Quid E Azam Mohammad Ali Jana ...