Unpopular Opinion: Minnows' Votes Should be Restricted

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I'm one of the few people who liked HF20 from the beginning.

Granted, it was an inconvenience. For the first 20 hours or so after launch, I found myself unable to do anything on Steemit. I understand the frustration of those who found themselves powerless. And I get that it was no fun.

But the far bigger mistake happened afterward, when, fearing a backlash, the guys in charge multiplied everyone's resource credits 10x.

And I know that lots of people are going to take umbrage with this position, but restricting the voting power of the smaller players was the best thing Steemit has done in a long time.

Here's my reasoning.

For One Glorious Moment, Steemit was Working Again.

So much of the Steem rewards are eaten up by and endless "snow" of robo-comments and unchecked upvotes by millions of smaller players.

This became apparent when HF20 dropped, and the minnows found themselves unable to vote for days as their resource credits built up.

But everyone else saw their strength of their upvotes increase. Middle-powered players and people who have been with Steemit from the beginning caught a glimpse of its former glory returning. Suddenly, quality posts written by the most skilled bloggers on the platform started to see modest rewards for the first time in ages.

A Steemit Renaissance was within reach.

But all the good that came from HF20 was undone when the resource credits were multiplied for everyone. Suddenly the snow reappeared. Junk posts and comments returned to the platform, and the rewards pool was once again divided between the deserving and the undeserving.

Once again, quality posts are rewarded with only a pittance.

The Solution: Permanently Restrict Minnows Voting Power

If this is not done, I don't believe Steemit will survive.

The platform only attracts newcomers when people can see quality content being rewarded. But quality content will not get the payout it deserves if the rewards pool is constantly drained by unlimited upvotes from the masses.

For the good of Steemit, all users should have their daily number of upvotes restricted. And it makes sense to impose greater restrictions on the low-SP accounts, as there are too many of those that simply upvote with abandon.

And restricting the resource credits of minnows has an added bonus.

Paying Their Dues

Suppose that when a brand new Steemit account is made, that person is only allowed to make a few upvotes each week.

That would force every new Steemian to think carefully about who to upvote. It may seem unfair to deny power to newcomers, but consider this: some of us have been on Steemit for a long time.

The people who have been around since the beginning have spent a long time paying their dues, to get where they are today. When newcomers arrive on the platform now, it is only right to expect them to pay similar dues.

And they can do so in two easy ways. They can:

  1. Buy Steem Power (and, by so doing, increase the price of Steem), or
  2. Produce quality content for the site that will attract readers and earn upvotes (thus increasing th evalue of the platform).

Either option forces all Steemians to become value-contibutors to the ecosystem. As Steemit becomes a value-centric platform, it will attract more money, enriching everyone involved.

Those of us who have been with Steemit from the beginning have already done our best to put value into the platform, by buying Steem Power and producing quality content. Therefore, we can be trusted to have more daily upvotes (though even the big players will need to have some restrictions).

It is for this purpose that I call upon the Steemit community to reduce Resource Credits for all users by 90%, thus returning us to the original vision of HF20.

That may seem like an extreme step, but consider the alternative.

If We Don't Reduce Resource Credits

Right now, the whole Steem ecosystem is walking on a knife's edge.

It is not dead yet, but a stiff breeze could knock it over the edge. People are growing uninterested. They are starting to fall away from the platform.

Which is a shame, because the one great selling point of the Steem system has been the idea of a paying meritocracy, where talent and effort get rewarded. But this cannot happen if the endless snow of upvotes keeps eating up the rewards pool.

The only thing at stake is the existence of this platform. But, honestly, I think that platform is worth fighting for. And so, though I am aware this is a highly unpopular opinion, I will say it without equivocation:

We Must Restrict Everyone's Power to Upvote, and Most Stringently So with the Low-SP Accounts.

Thank you.


Yeah the system released too much of RCs (10X times)! This amount should be reduced to 2X-3X, then we can enjoy the real value of the HF20!


I'm not agree totally i mean i would like to see some aditional rewards for the popularity in your posts for example is commonly see good content with 300 upvotes and less than $1 in that case the most curators are the minnows that's what i think. Regards

Excellent review, my friend and you are right, the situation in our ecosystem is very unstable now and cardinal changes are needed. I hope we will overcome all difficulties! Thank you @talanhorne

Hello @talanhorne, when reading your post, I rescue this part (restricting the voting power of the smaller players was the best thing that Steemit has done in a long time).
My opinion: I've been on this platform for 10 months, if its creators are constantly working, they will take measures in this regard.
The platform has been running a lot, this means that it is worthwhile to be in this, I will simply be aware of what happens, but I plan to stay longer here.

You are absolutely right, we need certain changes, especially at this time, when there is no stability on the platform yet. Great review @talanhorne

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Well on the way of steemit development this might happen soon who knows

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it makes sense to impose greater restrictions on the low-SP accounts, as there are too many of those that simply upvote with abandon.

Exactly I agree with above. Because limitation must important to control steem blockchain. Best blog for to new users like me.

Very well said. I'm not a big steemit player myself, but I would take your side here. It's my belief a lot of content is upvoted without even being read (not talking bots). Not sure what could be done about that besides what you said. Maybe if there were view credits too? IDK? It's a bit slippery because I think to attract new bloggers their also needs to be easier ways to gain followers and build cred. There are a decent amount of posts that are good but don't get much rewards or views because of the bloggers status. I really don't know enough about any of the tech to have an answer though. Great article

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Amazing post sir the updates are needed to make steem a better one as we can see some compitors for steemit in the form of scorum and wiku any thoughts on that sir.

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@talanhorne, I agreed both ways as you wrote here how minnow's growth up in steem eco system. If we have more SP more steemians come to our blog and it will go higher. Also currently Dapps community give upvotes if we make quality contents.

This is special post from you sir great explanation i just love it,steem is below 1$ for many days hope we gonna touch 5$ mark again.

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I think you have revealed some drawback of this platform specifically with low SP holder's account, i have found the execution point to restricted their daily voting limits. Thanks for the worth full article.

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Nothing is perfect, I stopped to receive spam and meaningless comments!

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This does make sense. I have hardly spent any time on Steemit for the past several months now because I got tired of seeing all of the bots upvoting and seeing all of the junk that was posted by spam accounts. The platform has so much potential. I don't know what the right answer is, but I would love to see Steemit succeed.

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