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It's safe to say that the Steemit project has failed. It had its chance to become something big. But every time it had the opportunity to break out, it chose mediocrity instead.

I gave it every chance to correct itself, and I made many pleas to the developers to fix the glaring problems. But I, along with many others, were ignored, scoffed at, or even attacked.

That I still got any monetary value from the Steemit system is a miracle. I will be powering down and cashing out in the coming weeks. I will move everything into Bitcoin.

I can't help but tearfully imagine what could have been. Perhaps in a parallel universe there is a version of Steemit that has an interface that isn't excrement, where upvotes actually have monetary value, and where good ideas are respected.

To all the people who invested their time and money into the Steem ecosystem, I feel for you. To the bagholders who lost everything, I hope you get justice.

But there is a bright silver lining to this cloud. Though this one system has turned out to be a Steeming pile, the crypto mainstream is doing well, and a bright future is finally coming into view.

Since many of the old Steemians were also heavily invested in better cryptos, I believe there is reason to rejoice, and even look back fondly on the Steemit experiment for the high hopes it once had.

I want to thank everyone who read my posts over the years. You got me back into blogging in a big way.

May we all meet again some day, after the credits roll.



Start a powerdown and come to HIVE.BLOG


Powerdown already started.

I already have a similar number of HIVE due to the fork. Not sure if I'll keep it.

Better keep it & restart your blogging life there

Please come to HIVE.BLOG
Your investment is safe there!


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