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Hello Steemiverse!

After a 2 year break I am back and wanna know what is going on on Steemit. Who is still there, is the quality of the posts still mainly poor and what happened to all of the accounts I followed and curated?

I had my project @steempearls and it was succesfull until the whole idea was copied. I was so angry at the copycats, that I stopped doing it. I am sure, that something like the steempearls is still going on here. But I want to restart the project because I had fun doing it. The intention was to make good content more noticeable and therefore I will proceed with the project. You will see "Steempearls 20" soon.

As you can see in my wallet I cashed out every dime a long time ago, but I am still invested in crypocurrency. Might as well shift some to steemit to have some votingpower again :)

Now I go and browse a little here and there and prepare myself for blogging again. If you have any suggestions or anything, feel free to comment here :) Thank you.


Welcome back to Steemit.

In my opinion the most important change is the creation of Steem Engine Tokens. Not only you can get STEEM and SBD from your posts, but also other cryptocurrencies based on the STEEM blockchain.

Most of the tokens are tribe-based. Tribes are Steemit clone websites only showing posts that contain one specific tag. By using the proper tag on your post, it will appear on tribe websites and you can obtain token rewards.

Learn more on my post

Ok I see I need to check that tribething out. I don't know where my post could fit. :D But with time I will find out for sure. Thank your for your information! Appreciate it.

I'm too 'young' to remember you but if @steevc says your OK, then your OK. Welcome back!

Welcome back, tabea! I hope you can adjust yourself being absent for two years here! A lot of development had happened at a speed of light but the price didn't budge lols. Upvoted!

It's a different world here now with tribes and multiple interfaces and apps all linked into STEEM. Depending on what you like then there should be a place to find it now.

Yeah, I guess I need to find out about these tribes. :)

Welcome back dear. HF22, I think you should read about it to know how steem currently works. A lot have changed.

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I'm back after year or so break. Still trying to find myself here again. Good luck with your project!

Congratulations @tabea!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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