What will happen with STEEMIT, if the whales disappear?

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In accordance with existing system if the whales not upvote, “weight” of each user will become more powerful and authors reward will depend on weight of other voters. I.e. each of us “soaks up” whales speck and gets their power.

If the community is large enough, the cheating will give no big effect and will be worthless. It means that only popular authors will get reward, which are liked people. I think that is the main idea of the system, or the idea was put in STEEM-community by its creators.

What place do whales take in the system?

Ideally, the whales will turn into managers and will look after the system development and guide it. But now they are just workers, who work hard day to day and try to upvote interesting posts. It is really hard work.

Our whale-upvoters have no opportunity to turn into whale-managers.

Let’s look at whale-upvoters again (I mean community generation issue)?

Now it looks like tomboy upbringing, who do what his parent would like to see (because “tomboy” wants to get “some sweets”).

As yet the child succeeds in it:
• Systems for whales activity identification are done: here you can choice best time for your post publication.
• Whales taste are analyzed and best tags (or “money-tags”) are found in according with it.
• As a result, people think that the community is just a good way to earn money but nothing more. They aren’t enjoyed project idea.

We have to grow up creative community of authors who will receive money for his work, what is properly in ideal. But in a fact we educate and cultivate people who want to get a benefit from the system using its weaknesses (people are resourceful and it's not bad).

When time X will come (whale-workers would like to evolve to whale-managers), community with avid "children" couldn't be enough creative. And only clans and mafia will reveal there, which will learn to benefit from the system and adapt to new conditions.

It is mean that whale-upvoters are not enough. Community are increased in current conditions and community try to find way increase benefit. And if nothing changes, conditions only will hurt the current community and lead to a crisis.

To improve the situation, we need to begin next step – when whale-upvoters turn into whale-senseis.

Whale-senseis need to make creative personality of the community and explain STEEMIT-citizens what is really reward how to get it. We can explain through introducing elements of competition and creativity.

Whale-senseis have to promote competitions and reward people for creativity. Then people will realize that it is a reward for the work, not luck, and freebies. This way we will increase creative potential of STEEMIT-community (conceptual man is the best contribution).

This conditions will form a creative person and create STEEMIT-heroes (this future assistants). Yes, we need creative STEEMIT-heroes who will inspire others. The porno celebrities which have 1.5 kk of subscribers is not the same (it is separate issue)!

Can you feel the difference? That's the reason why it's so important. Success formula is not just upvotes. We have to promote competitions to create STEEMIT-heroes!

When creativity covers each STEEMIT soul, whale-senseis receive an opportunity to turn into whale-managers.

Community will continue its independent existence thanks of STEEMIT-Heroes (examples and inspirers).


Right evolution of STEEMIT community consists of three stages:

  1. Whale-upvoters attract people.
  2. Whale-senseis organize competitions and award, to create a community of heroes who inspire others.
  3. Whale-managers look after the system development and guide it, and the community is able to self-sustain life and development.

Did whales think about this so deep?

Current whales’ behavior could have negative or even destructive effect on idea, which was put by creators.

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Well you've condensed my various points from Bitcointalk into a blog post. Thank you.

Perhaps the whales wouldn't want to give up the power to influence which content is highest rewarded and ranked, because right now what makes the most economic sense for whales if we assume they want to cash out 1% weekly of their powered down STEEM POWER, is to create the most hype. The huge $ rewards and some of them to popular personalities in the crypto-libertarian-tinfoil-hat ecosystem probably drives more buying demand for STEEM on the exchanges and awareness overall. But I would wonder if this is less viral than a site with sincere benefits for the users who then spread it via word-of-mouth. I'd like to target the latter design.

Tag abuse.
They are the ones who are not going anywhere they have incentive to stay


I'm confused. Which tag is abusing in this post? Or you're suggesting OP to do tag abusing? Sounds not a good idea to me.


He is referring to the number @name references at the end of the blog post.


i can't realize