The characteristics of butterflies motivate human life and are inspired #1

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The butterfly is one of the insect species that is loved by everyone, both children and adults, why is that? This has many causes, it is based on each type of butterfly having something very interesting both in terms of shape and color.

Besides that, its characteristics can be made as a source of inspiration for human life. If you want to observe his behavior then you will get a variety of things that you can emulate and apply to your own real life.

In this post I will invite you to observe the characteristics of the butterflies that they do every day, maybe you can imitate in trying your life in a better direction.

Butterflies fly freely where they like

When you walk into a flower garden or go to an area, of course, you will often see a butterfly that flies freely to the place it wants according to its instincts, nothing hinders it as long as it flies in its path and does not disturb others. Nothing bothers him as long as he does not interfere with the activity of other insects. He always flies in the direction that suits his instincts in everything.

Likewise with us as human beings, we are free to do whatever is in accordance with the human character itself, the freedom to do everything in issuing ideas or opinions while working, it is permissible as long as your ideas are not out of line, or outside the path of trust You and all applicable laws. You are free to do anything as long as the work is beneficial to others and yourself.

As long as humans walk according to their norms, they are free to work in an effort to advance themselves. If you have been stressed by something both in terms of family and environment that are not in line, then rise in an effort to achieve a good goal like a butterfly that flies free in the direction it likes.

Believe us humans can certainly be like other people. Like a butterfly who believes it will fight against the wind with a strong typhoon, but finally he arrives at his destination. Even if flying, he must be able to pass obstacles, but he is smart and clever with his own technique. Then smile while trying, because people will still go through everything even though the obstacles they face are so hard and difficult, but if humans believe he is able to go through it he will succeed in his goal.

Butterflies come from a bad start

Seeing butterflies in various colors, and various wing patterns are really very beautiful when he flies and perches on one of the plants, his excitement when flying or while in the flower buds certainly looks very beautiful and charming.

But did you know that before it was formed like that, at first it came from something that is very disgusting. When he did hatch from his eggs then larvae or caterpillars came out so disgusting that humans at that time did not like, but why why when he bears a butterfly do people like him so much? Have people forgotten where they came from? Of course, when someone sees a butterfly, it will forget where it came from.

Humans always make mistakes either intentionally or not, so that due to the wrongdoing of other human beings do not like it even his own family really hates it especially his friends. But you can still turn from bad direction to good direction according to the customs of each individual. So when someone has converted it will automatically bear good fruit, and all the bad activities of the past will be left behind. When humans change from bad to good, then everyone will come back to love it and love it. Like the example of a larva or a caterpillar turns into a cocoon and a butterfly comes out very beautiful and ideal for everyone.

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