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Then where does the source of the passive butterfly or the patrol #butterfly come from?

Basically every species of the same butterfly has the characteristics of no one is comfortable passive or active, this is because initially all butterflies are passive but because he does not find his partner when waiting in the cocoon house he will go across the direction in the right direction he likes. Then he will always look for his partner in patrol from one plants to another plants.

This active butterfly will always look for its mate within a week, if he does not find his mate then he will not eat anything and after one day this butterfly will die.

But this incident is very rare because every male makes a permanent effort the male butterfly will find his partner with how to do their own techniques in attracting the attention of female butterflies.

When he comes out of the cocoon they will wait a while until their wings dry out to continue their ritual in attracting female butterflies. When a female butterfly is born from a cocoon, then after a while the female butterfly will also find out who will be its partner in an effort to breed.

Active butterflies will also find female butterflies that are born later without the male to pick them up, well when female butterflies will find passive male butterflies in their environment. So the male will make every effort to be liked sometimes if there are two male butterflies then they will fight each other and who has the power he will get the female.

Interlocked in a long time mating compilation

When a butterfly has an intimate relationship between male and female, you want to know how to distinguish male and female butterflies. In this case it is very difficult to distinguish from their physical form because they always fly and always cover their bodies when standing somewhere, but in this case there was an answer from one of the research colleagues from his observations, he found different data in terms of wing size butterfly, the size of the butterfly itself, if the male butterfly has wings exceeding the size of the female wing, then the tail also has a different tip so that when they have intercourse, the male butterfly will attach the end of the body to the genitals of the butterfly female butterfly.

When the male butterfly attaches the genitals to the female butterfly, then what happens is the male butterfly is always at the bottom, this is because the size of the tail end of the female butterfly is shorter with the end of the male butterfly's calamine, so the males must fold their tails from under the belly of the female butterfly.

This intimate relationship lasts long enough and they will not separate if it is not yet perfect to fertilize a female butterfly, even if they are disturbed by something, this relationship is still ongoing and the two bodies will not separate, they will move to another place with the body sticking together to each other.

Thus a brief description of the butterfly breeding between male and female, may this information be an additional insight about your knowledge. Thank you very much.

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