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Supporting a Helpful Bot

Regardless of your stance on the latest set of controversial issues, one thing that is rather cut and dry in my mind is the benefits of @cheetah and @seraph bots created by @anyx. Those who were around in the early months of Steemit, while the price of Steem was at it's peak and payouts were through the roof, also likely remember the MASSIVE amount of pure spam and plagiarized posts. Even though there is still a lot of "problematic posts" that are flat out stolen, the percentage has gone down, but the number is still huge. This at least in part is due to this helpful bot.

Trying to scroll through the "new" feed was really quite painful with all of the people trying to "scam" the system with completely stolen content that was just copy/pasted from content creators elsewhere on the web. Most of them didn't even TRY to spin it, just grabbed it to put on here to "rake in the money." I don't know about you, but being a creator of content myself, I'd be livid to find somebody stealing my writing, art, personal stories, photography, etc and profiting on here from that.

Beyond the importance of this emotional reaction is a quite serious legal one too, copyright laws.

In fact, I remember hearing from @fyrstikken that this was how he even found this finding someone who took, reposted and was profiting from his work. Also remember that even though we are on a decentralized blockchain, Steemit inc does reside in the United States, and hence under jurisdiction of US law.

@Cheetah Bot

Just having a comment from @cheetah doesn't mean it's been stolen, but I do at least get prompted to look closer. When a Steemit user does have their work in other places like their own websites, blogs, youtube, etc (which can be verified in various ways) I'm even more excited to have come across them on here. The kitty bot, isn't always the "vicious" predator, it can actually HELP build a new persons following.

Can you imagine what Steemit would be like if we were inundated with people profiting from stolen work? I don't know about you, but I honestly don't think I'd feel as passionate about this place if this were the case. Well beyond this, I couldn't imagine how many Digital Millennium Copyright Act notices that Steemit might have been served, which is not something that can be taken lightly. While there are things that aren't licensed for re-use caught, at least there's some attempt to limit this.

[Remember we need to user commercially available for re-use licensed photos. We make money off them in our blogs.]

@Sseraph Bot

Many of use went have dealt with the Steemit user named "asshole" in the past. While for some of us this was merely a minor annoyance, there were people who had their posts and/or comments actually hidden when he would flag them. I also know that many people including myself have had to have the conversation with new users explaining why they were being flagged. To counter act this guy, @seraph was created to go around and counter-vote right behind. Not only did this prevent anything from being hidden from the downvote, it also made it a lot easier to 'explain away' the flag to new users showing them they were actually getting a more powerful upvote.

How you can Support Steemit's Anti-Plagiarism and Anti-Flag Troll Bots

Many of us don't have a ton of money. But luckily all this takes is a periodic upvote. @seraph doesn't really post, but if you see a @cheetah comment that actually helped you to detect a post is stolen or let you see that legitimate users website, eternal blog, etc...give it an upvote as a token of your appreciation.

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Good kitty!

I told @anyx this last week how I value his help on here, in that post he made about the witness issues.

Good of you to keep this in the open and give some encouragement too.

Yea, I ran across that one. While I didn't want to be stepping into the middle of the hard fork politics, this I did see important and relatively impartial.

Welcome back!

Hey, thanks a lot for the support; from you and everyone in the comments. As my disillusionment with Steemit Inc is at a peak right now, it's nice to know that even though they discount and do not support my efforts, at least a small group in the community still does.

Not a lot of people remember what it was like in the early days. Many were not even around to witness it. It's funny, it seems like it's one of those things you don't notice unless it's gone.

Big thumbs up! I'll admit it took the prompting to get it on my radar to give some upvotes as support. At least it's now on my radar and hopefully this post help to get it onto others. I do truly believe this place would have become a giant mess without your efforts.

I wasn't here, but I think this is a great bot. Well done and I hope you continue it.

Yes, Cheetah is a good girl. ;)

She's definitely a sweetie. I'm glad I've never seen her 'bad side.' Rofl!

Yes... By the way chetah is really girl ? Nice ! :)

Hehe, I like to think so!
Just like my toaster! :P

I've also taken Cheetah for granted but appreciate the service. I just upvoted a couple comments as well, but it got me to notice that Cheetah isn't a very fierce kitty anymore. She's been powering down and might have very little teeth soon, just being a notification device if she continues. Has anyone heard an update on the future of the project?
On the one hand, leaving the actual powerful down votes to properly alerted steemians could be seen as a good thing. However, I kind of liked that Cheetah had some muscle and was consistently beating down the plagiarists and spammers each time they tried to slip through the cracks and post again.
I'll continue to give Cheetah an upvote or two a day if it's not being powered down. If she needs community crowdfunding we should step up, I'd like to see it continue. If it's a conscious choice to make Cheetah informative rather than punitive I'd understand as well, but I'd love to hear any clarification.

You got it, the focus is being informative. I have had an incredible amount of personal attacks and voiced concerns about every little action I take with cheetah, so I have decided informative is the best route, and as such I am moving the stake away from her. I'm sick of being attacked over any action I take.

When a plagiarist is caught, the bigger guns come out. We still have muscle.

I should start that I really don't know...I've not heard or seen anything directly from @anyx.

Purely guessing, I'd say it's alot like you were saying. In that it's now being more used as informative. A while back it changed from downvoting to upvoting (any you really don't want to reward posts in question.) The message is also a lot nicer sounding now. I do believe that @steemcleaners get to see lists of things that are found to be able to inspect with human eyes, vs the bot. And then when someone is banned, the more powerful cheetahs are deployed to actually do the downvoting (and I believe @adm too.)

Spot on.

Sending you some love, @cheetah
Yes, @seraph helped some of my posts live on, @sykochica
Thank you, @anyx for both @cheetah & @seraph

Much appreciate on all those fronts, TY! :D

Really nice article with a great conclusion that I had not thought of! I will periodically be UP voting Cheetah replies now; thanks for pointing this out as a way to show support!

Thank you!
It honestly hadn't occurred to me either up to a day or two ago. I'd rather taken it for granted. So I just went to @cheetah's replies and upped 5 yesterday and 5 today at full power.

Yes, these bots have a big role in making steemit 'clean' and what it is today. It is only after @anyx 's post that I realised we should have been voting for them, which I shall from now on. They have to stay otherwise we know what will happen. Thanks for sharing.

We're definitely on the same page. I'd been lacking giving support myself and had that thought piqued recently. I wanted to do a little more beyond sending some upvotes cheetahs way, hence trying to get the word around too. :)

@happyphoenix is male and she grew heart. @sykochica i experienced both sides of @cheetah and i saw what nice things @seraph did too, during @asshole's party!

I'm pretty sure @happyphoenix is female, at least what I remembered from previous conversations.

I do understand being on both sides of cheetah. It's definitely been adapted and upgraded over time for the better.

yes, about @cheetah. Gosh, i made an error, i made to pull a small stunt with her, saying that @cheetah is actually male but she grew heart! and @sykochica, you didn't play my game, the pokemons are hidden all around the steem blockchain!

Ohh, gotcha. :)
Sorry, I'm severely lacking sleep right now. Makes me miss things I normally wouldn't.

You know a funny thing. Long ago, when i wrote a post about @cheetah growing heart in the past, it upvoted my post and not that type of upvote where it leaves a comment about similar content; like a regular upvote! It confirmed within that post, that it did grow heart!

Awwww...good kitty! :P

I don't like bots

And that's fine. I don't like plagiarists. :P

I don't find any social enjoyment with those who just try and scam, which I believe would be rampant here without @cheetah. For me this is an example of a useful bot.

We'll just have to agree to disagree. There's really not much of a point of debating this. We just have different view points.

That's because you copy paste all day long and profit off of it.

Yes, they are both excellent examples of what a "good" bot is all about. I usually give @cheetah an upvote; I'm pretty sure @seraph saved a few of my early posts when that a$$hole was running rampant, too.

You've been better than me, lol. I'll admit it hadn't crossed my mind much, but I'm as least trying to make the conscious effort now. :)

Those two bots are definitely very helpful! Thanks for the reminder :)

@anyx was an inspiration to me to create my own bots for Steem. :)

Why do I imagine klye-bots including massive cartoon genitalia?!?! Rofl
Love ya klye!

Drats! Who told you about my top secret "Dick Bot 9000" project? :D

Muaaahaha! I'm friends with the omniscient birdie!

There is a place for bots on Steemit to do useful tasks like these two do. There have been some fun ones too. I don't have an issue with them

very good call!