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in steemit •  8 months ago

I am starting to take donations for my weekly payout post. It will be 0.5 SBD to sponsor the post. Sponsors are listed in the post and all SBD donated is paid out.

To sponsor the weekly post send 0.5 SBD to @SydesJokes with memo "Sponsor Weekly Post".

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This is great!

Thanks for this, but does sponsor get anything from sponsoring.


That is also my concern. What I understand is that you pay for the username to appear in the publication, but I hope that @sydesjokes explains in more detail.


Please read the post as it states clearly what sponsors get Sponsors are listed in the post and all SBD donated is paid out.

I will always support you :)

Wow..... I like your posts @sydesjokes

Muchas gracias por la información

I shall soon once I've got more.

Thanks Colin, Helping so many to grow - appreciated.

Thank you to all the sponsors.May your wallet never dry

Thank you for the information, very interesting offer.

Cool that's a great one

Thank you sponsors. 👍👍


Its a good source of encouragement.

Good news for sponsors

Nice one, soon I will sponsor.

Thank you for helping us.

Your faucet is a great help for minnows like us. Thank you for coming up with this idea

Great people

very good initiative you have my support Colin Sydes