My Top Steemit Interaction List Now Available For Anyone To Use In Their Own Posts

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My Top Steemit Interactions List

I have been doing my My Top Steemit Interactions post for a while now and have had good responses and interactions with the posts. I do the posts every Sunday for the interaction for the previous week and I payout SBD for the Replies/Resteems/Upvotes for my posts.

I have been paying out the weekly SBD using this tool

This adds a level of Gamification to Steemit interactions.

Where does that data come from for the list?

Reply/Upvote data comes from

Resteem data for the last week comes from

I am looking for other places to collect the data from especially for the Resteem so if anyone knows of any others resources please leave a comment below.

How is the list created?

I have an excel spreadsheet where I store the data for the users that have Replied/Resteemed/Upvoted the persons posts and have created Visual Basic macros to process the data and produce the final table. The macro then creates a text file with the Steemit Mark Up language for displaying the table in the Steemit post.

Would you like a list of your top Steemit user interactions?

I can now provide a similar list going back several months to whoever wants it so you can do your own Steemit post or I can do the post on your behalf.

Instead of the Total SBD column that I have in mine it will be replaced with a Total column.

How much will it cost?

Because I have to collect the data manually and then produce the table there is a cost for this. I will charge 20 SBD or 0.0025 BTC but prices may change as the coin prices fluctuate.

If I can find faster ways to collect the data I will change the pricing accordingly.


The 25 SBD was when the price was low. I will do the list for 2.5 SBD now if anyone is interested.

wow i am learning alot from you @sydesjokes
thanks for sharing

Nyc Post!! Thnx for the Updates!!

Nice to know how you do it. Thank you for putting all the effort you put in for us.

Wow, that's awesome! This is a service i could see many people signing up for!

Hmmm... It's great service.

I won't be using it (the price 25 SBD is too much for me, but I think it's fair) but I'm sure some people would want to have a list like this for their followers.

Thank you for list preparation, invaluable and appreciated @sydesjokes

you done very super post i like it very much,


Hmmm very interesting service.

I think your post is excellent and the fee that you charge for your service is justified, but just wanted to share with other steemit users two other options if they're looking for something not as detailed. I don't think either one of these tracks comments. Resteemed your sunday post to get the word out about this awesome initiative.