3.30 SBD shared with 180 people so 0.018 SBD each for Daily Faucet for 19th April 2018

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Daily Steemit Faucet post payout for 19th April 2018

@abbak7 @abdul1234 @abhisteem13 @abu.bakkar @accra @aceace @achim03 @akarantain @albanyg12 @aledania @alejandromata @alvin2 @anasuleidy @anderssinho @andrewclk @annabellebatho @armagno @armandofd @aspenrose @authorcolinbmw @avtoledy @awaischuchi @awosode @banditqueen @benedict08 @benleemusic @bermudezloida @beverages @bigsambucca @bojakcates @brosol @chineyes @cjsean @clauxklein @clivingston005 @cobran @creyestxsa94 @cryptoteen @dalexx @darlyrin @dedley @dhaneshpk @dianadvsalcedo @eagle42 @elider11 @elsenior.crox @e-rich @esmerallda @exploretraveler @extraterrestrial @fel1xw @fhstralow @firstamendment @fitinfun @florian-glechner @freewritehouse @frodo1977 @ganeshsahu @geeklife @gij @gijog @gijoge @gilres @gingbabida @gjg @gjo @hangin @hevictor @hillaryoki @infotainmenthub @ingoda @irvet @istariray @itsjessamae @izaid @jangamasisa @jdbs @jdbsotillo @jeanviete @jerrysteem @jlordc @joanstewart @joeness @johngentry @johngentryjr @joseasotillo @juanddios @k0wsk1 @kalejandra @kcherukuri @kchiny @kdivya @kid1412 @krisha25 @kryptonia @lightflares @lovemetouchme2 @ludevielucero @lynlene @machv @mariamzr @mariannewest @markusmichael @maryresp @masterroshi @mawmaw @maxili63 @meepsy @memo01 @meteoro @michaelwilshaw @micromax @mirandafr @monajam @morewin @mps01k @mrjohn01 @mrjokar @mrzurkon @myscrible @nahupuku @nathansenn @nawye @nexit @ninjabot @nomishiekh @norvicgarcia @nrich239 @psychkrhoz @rafpokmac @rahul111 @ratul2003 @raveek @reinaldoverdu @remotehorst @richie211 @riyuwe @rlt47 @rmm31 @robhimself1 @rubelynmacion @ruul @septimus @sexyfox @sharaine @shariagu @shawnvanderveer @sheilamenher @skysnap @solangeh @sotillojoser @steemerpara @steveconnor @summer14 @summi @summisimeon @sunday21 @sun-tzu @suomibotti @sweetjoy @tante.emmas.weed @tantrum @teresah @tesatro @thedarkhorse @thewitchdoctor @traylorjonathan @tspink @unataldani @vacilator @vegaron @veronicasmb @whatumeme @wonderwop @yahoobot @youarehope @zanoni @zhivot @ziggypepper @zmagaz

Check the Pending Payments here --> http://csyd.es/Faucet/PendingPayments/

You can see the payments I send out each day.

Current Daily Faucet Post http://csyd.es/Faucet

SydesJokes Blog

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Thanks! Cool that the faucet thing you created is growing in payments!

That's nice!

The payouts are getting bigger! That means as a group our strength is growing.

Thanks @sydesjokes

Thank you VERY much for sharing! I'm VERY proudly resteeming, commenting, upvoting and following! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Today I have not seen myself on the list despite the fact that I vote every day, comment and restread their posts.

Thanks, I think I will be in the next list

Keep doing this nice work

thanks for sharing

Хорошие бонусы у вас. Приятного дня и отличного настроения)

Nice !!!

Nice one

Word of the day that is great.....


The English vocabulary can be strange at times.

Thank you, good business!

"The best way to keep a promise is not to give them in the first place."

love your post, pro!

thanks for all friend

Thank you

ya registrado en #kryptonia

Thanks for the support

How does it work ?


You Comment/Upvote the Daily Faucet Post then you share the post rewards http://csyd.es/Faucet

I could not participate yesterday.

Thanks for the mention


That good

We love you @sydesjokes
Have a wonderful day!!

Thanks, have a nice day!

We are growing, i am happy for this. Thanks Colin

muy bueno..


me parece interesante

Lol, why is this a post and not a comment on the next faucet? Will you not be doing a faucet today?


I want people to see this which they won't if it is just a comment on the next Faucet post.

Faucets posts are every day. Need Comment/Upvote on the Faucet post to share the post reward.

This link always goes to the latest Faucet post http://csyd.es/Faucet


Wow! That's a nice thing to know. I've been playing along for so long and hadn't ever noticed the link. Thank you. :)

thank you

Damn I'm not there

This is a very interesting update


Thank you for welcoming the people who are discouraged by not winning a contest on this page, you are an example to follow I also want to thank the sponsors

I appear, thank you very much for your collaboration

Great! way of supporting minnows.

This names are for people who qualified yesterday?

thanks alot for the faucet

Ayer falle!!