Wooo Hooo! Traded my STEEM for BITSHARES on DEX for the first time!

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it! I finally got my bitshares wallet setup and fed it some Steem today! I'm so glad Bitshares has created a Decentralized Exchange! No more bankers and brokers! I can't wait to start buying up bitshares! So , I already started.


Because DEX and bitshares are on the Graphene Blockchain with STEEM and Dtube, it's super easy to exchange steem for bitshares, or bitcoin. Brilliant! http://docs.bitshares.org/bitshares/user/dex.html

I can't wait to see who joins the Graphene blockchain next to decentralize the next big industry.

Feel free to send me some bitshares if you like my blog. (Bitshares name: Ry-fung1)



Welcome to the DEX! Once you go decentralized, there is no going back. It is so nice to not have to worry about hackers, crooks, governments... you can just trade and be happy. :)

Congrats on your first trade on the DEX!

I've been on Bitshares for a little more than two weeks and I'm loving it. I've learned a lot and make a few successful trades. My balance is growing even faster than I had hoped.

Keep up the good work and thanks for writing about your experience with BitShares!

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