Anarchy, Steemit Wall, and a decentralized solar powered Planet.

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Hello Earth!

With headlines about Tesla motors cheaper cars, hyperloop tests at 200 MPH, and NSA spying built secretly into our Cisco routers... It's hard not to see that we are living in the Future of our creation. It's pretty amazing, the things that Humans have been able to create over the last 100 years. It's almost like manifesting our dreams into reality. We want to create something, well then just learn how to do it, and do it! It almost seems that easy now. Bitcoin, and blockchain technology have already begun to enable a digital decentralized revolution. Creating a self funding, self initialized, secure, decentralized web of home computers to replace corrupt central banking? Beyond Brilliant.


But where has this taken us? Recent reports say that the Bitcoin network now requires as much energy as a small country like Cyprus. If solar panels are only $0.80 a watt now, why aren't cryptocurrency miners switching to solar in mass? The monetary incentives are in place, so what is lacking? Ethical/ ideological incentives. Bottom line is not enough. Sometimes the reason is that you don't live in a good solar location, and other times you are renting and unsure of how a solar array would fit where you live. Fear not. The future is here. Folding portable solar panels create 100 watt solar generators for $80 piece. Solarcoin and greencoin both accept datalogger input from renewable energy in return for coin. What if we created something bigger?

A solar power grid. What if we created our own blockchain decentralized energy company? Peer to peer microgrids? Well, that's what we are developing over at,, or follow us on Facebook at This is an opportunity to create coins from our rooftops or the breeze in the air, to power a low powered smartgrid. What if we took it a step further? Create a solar powered wifi mesh network that overlays the existing internet, and pay for the equipment with a 1% harvest fee from the coin creation. We could connect farmers in remote areas of a bioregion with long distance wifi, and create a local market for the food they grow. It could all be exchanged in local kWhcoins. Think Global, act Local... not the other way around...


So we create a secure trustworthy exchange system based on renewable resources and trade goods locally and export and import in rarities. Hmm... sounds like bioregional anarchy to me, or as science and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon called it, "Mutualism".

green anarchy.jpg

So where do we go from here? Eco hostel takeover. Will we finally have time to ride our bikes down 1000 mile bike path food forest wildlife corridors for humans because we have all our needs met? Will I be able to air bnb in earth covered cobins at campgrounds that were former rest stops along my local rail bike lines? Yes, but lets not jump too far into the future.

First things first... how to replace Facebook. How can we get all of your facebook friends to jump over to Steemit instead? My solution... the new "Steemit Wall". Since Steemit is an open source interface, we could build another site that interfaces with regular to create the personal ego trip wall posts, picture tags, and other features that facebook has lured our friends into believing is necessary. And maybe it is necessary for a complete social network changeover.

Let me know what you think.

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great post!


Mybit ico already doing this

Think global, act local. That's pretty cool thinking my friend.

McAcfee sent me here. Awesome post. Followed and resteemed. I wondered the same about the problem of mining and the energy wasted in the process. This could help if we do the math for the emissions of the whole process.

As a nuclear engineer interested in extreme safety (like, no moving parts safe) and developing power for the third world, I think you do a massive disservice to not pay attention to how to industrialize from nothing.
It is not sustainable to have to have lithium strip mines in china, for the EVs, gallium and arsenic production by the megaton, and neodymium rare earth mines with nothing to do with megatons of thorium with no market.
If you don't consider the 5 billion people passed by in the industrial revolution, you're going to have a bad time of it... Europe is feeling the effect of that disparity now.


What is your sustainability solution? Long term sustainability can seem unsustainable when viewed through conventional lenses. Silica is the most abundant element in the Earth's crust. Carbon is also quite abundant. A little too abundant in our atmosphere. I didn't mention lithium anywhere in my article. Why didn't you assume I wanted to use graphene superconductors or super heated salt as my energy storage medium? If you are into safe systems with no moving parts what not run everything on thermoelectric generators?


"Sustainability" is a myth. ALL power comes from increasing entropy - in stars at the very least. Thorium is sufficient to power the entire world at US standards for thousands of years. And, since it is in the magma of the core, at a rate which could support several tens of billions at that power level.
And perhaps silica is available in great quantities, but lithium is not, and silver and copper - just the copper alone to take the industrialized world to Wind and Solar would leave every copper mine empty, denuded, not even tailings to reprocess.


Sustainability isn't a myth, its retarded entropy! I'm not sure about how much power it would take to keep the industrialized system going, but I know a system that strives for efficiency instead of increasing growth would be better than this planned obsolescent progress.

Another advantage of going solar is that the oil cartel will fall. This would mean one less lobby that keeps influencing the powers-that-shouldn't-be. Decentralization is definitely another great advantage, for solar panels allow you to go off-grid.

Keep up the good work and Steem on!

Beautiful concept, fantastic article. ❤️