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Why i might not have to many followers i do appreciate everyone who does follow me! 

So why are they important?

Because it tells you that your doing something right and people are clicking that follow button for a reason. Ether they see potential in you to make great content or you made great content and they want more of it!

Be a better blog with your followers help!

Another reason followers are great <3 it because every follower, every person behind that follower. Is a potential up-vote or re-steemit for all of your future post! Or they can be someone to give feedback and then you can improve upon that feedback to give them better content. And i also want to say congrats to @shayne for reaching 500 followers recently! (Someone that i follow)


 Follow me @surpriseattack


In the 11 or so months I've been here, one of the best ways I've found to find followers is to be something worth following. By that, I mean put out consistently valuable content while regularly adding value via comments to other people's posts. It takes time, attention, and actually caring about other people. In the long run, everyone benefits. Good luck!

Upvoted and followed!

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